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Top 8 Holiday Gift Ideas for Seniors

Top 8 Holiday Gift Ideas for Seniors

We’ve all been there—standing in a store aisle or scrolling through a website looking for that perfect gift for a friend or family member. Finding the right gift can be a challenge, but the reward of seeing the look on a loved one’s face when they unwrap it is well worth it.

For older adults, finding the right gift can be even harder. What gift do you get for someone who has everything? For someone who insists they don’t need anything?

When it comes to gift ideas for seniors, the best choices offer practicality and functionality. Read on for a few options for the special senior in your life!

The best holiday gifts for seniors

  1. Private chef meal

    What gift is better for seniors than a personalized home-cooked meal? Hiring a private chef gives your loved one the unique chance to enjoy the company and wisdom of a local culinary master. Private chefs will shop for all the ingredients, cook them to perfection, and serve them up with a description of all the flavor elements.

    Want to give a great meal, but make it a little more personal? Check out one of the many meal kit companies that send you all the ingredients and recipes so your favorite senior can make a hands-on discovery of a new favorite dish.

  2. Blanket

    Give the gift of comfort with a cozy blanket so your loved one can stay warm while they’re thinking of you. A blanket may strike you as an unimaginative gift for a senior loved one, but that couldn’t be further from the truth considering all the blanket options out there.

    Electric blankets, which plug in for an extra layer of warmth, and weighted blankets, which can help ease anxiety and stress, are perfect senior gift options. If you’re looking for a gift for a loved one that has Alzheimer’s or dementia, fidget blankets sew sensory activities right into the fabric for an excellent hands on gift.

  3. Photo Memorabilia

    Capture the perfect gift with photo memorabilia like hanging picture collages, digital photo frames, and personalized coffee mugs. With large canvas prints, decorative photo albums, and laser-engraved 3D crystal photo frames (yes, you read that right), photo memorabilia is perfect for any senior in your life, but especially those who have homes in assisted living and may not have access to their own car. Photos are great for family members in memory care too as they can elicit feelings and memories.

    Bonus gift tip—If you like the blanket idea, be sure to check out customized blankets with family photos printed right on the fabric!

  4. Window bird feeder

    One of the best gift ideas for seniors is a window bird feeder. These attachable feeders provide stimulation, entertainment, and a connection to the outdoors for the nature lover in your life. With plenty of sizes to choose from, bird feeders attract all kinds of local avians for up-close views. You can also couple this gift with a bird identification journal. Plus, your family member’s pet cat will love it too!

  5. Shared experience gifts

    One of the great things about moving to a senior living community is that older adults get to meet new friends and make new connections, but seeing family members is still important. A shared experience gift is a great way to spend time with your loved one doing an activity they love or discovering something new.

    Check around your loved one’s local community to see what’s available like wine tastings at a vineyard, go for a river cruise, or visit a theater for a live show.

  6. Subscription box

    Give a gift that keeps on giving with a subscription box.

    The sheer breadth of subscription box services means you can get just about any bundle of goodies delivered right to your senior’s door like curated japanese snacks, murder mystery games, knitting patterns, book clubs, and much, much more.

    This gives your loved one something they can look forward to all year long even if you can’t visit them in person as much as you’d like. Many services provide auto subscriptions so you know your gift will come on time every time for your loved one.

  7. Diffuser

    Bring the aroma of a relaxing spa into your senior loved one’s home with a diffuser.

    The wide selection of diffuser oils come in fragrances like citrusy orange, calming lavender, soothing peppermint, and more. Diffusers can have calming effects for older adults with mental health issues like anxiety and depression. The relaxing smells make a senior’s home environment feel like the respite they deserve.

    Diffusers come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and light up colors so they can fit the decor of any space.

  8. Puzzle

    Puzzles are a classic gift that the older adult in your life can enjoy by themselves or with a friend. Pick a puzzle with their favorite painting or illustration, choose from the easier 250 piece puzzles to the challenging 4000 piece puzzles, or order a custom puzzle with a photograph of your family or a special pet.

    Puzzles are also an excellent gift for family members living with Alzheimer’s and dementia as it provides great mental stimulation.

Finding the right gift for seniors

As with gifts for any age, when looking for the perfect gift for seniors, remember that it’s the thought that counts. Gift giving should always be fun and no matter what you get for your family member, they’ll love it. Looking for other great gift ideas for seniors? Download our Ebook for more inspiration!

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