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What Location is Best When the Time Comes to Search for a Senior Living Community?

What Location is Best When the Time Comes to Search for a Senior Living Community?

Of the many factors you will need to consider when searching for a senior living community, location is an important one. While it probably isn’t the primary factor in making the decision, it is significant. From proximity to health care providers to nearness of family members, here are a few tips on what to take in to consideration.

Location and Senior Living Communities: What to Consider

  • Near family or old neighborhood: In today’s transient society, it isn’t uncommon for families to live long distances from one another. For the family elders, it can make the decision on where to move more challenging. A senior might choose to move across the country to an assisted living community near an adult child. Then the child’s employer transfers them to a new city a year later. By contrast, an older adult may choose a community in their current neighborhood only to see long-time friends retire and move away. It’s important to think through your unique situation when choosing a geographic location. 
  • Crime and safety issues: Older adults sometimes find themselves falling victim to crime. A primary reason is that criminals often think seniors are more trusting and vulnerable. Before you decide where to relocate, be sure to check the local crime reports for the area. Sites like CrimeReports and myLocalcrime make that easier to do.
  • Proximity to health care providers: As we grow older, the need for medical care typically increases. Having physicians, hospitals, outpatient rehab centers, labs, and other health care services nearby is important. If you aren’t familiar with the neighborhood, take time to learn what health care services are—and aren’t—available nearby.
  • Availability of transportation: Driving can become more difficult as we grow older. Vision loss, slower reflexes, and limited mobility may make a senior reluctant to drive. As you are searching for an independent or assisted living community, be sure to take driving alternatives in to consideration. Does the community offer transportation? Are there senior-friendly public transportation services? Maintaining a sense of independence means having options for getting to physician appointments, shopping malls, and more.
  • Access to attractions and restaurants: While senior living communities offer a wide variety of social activities and wellness programs, most residents enjoy participating in community outings. Is the senior living community you are considering near attractions like art museums, shopping malls, and movie theatres? These outings can help older adults stay engaged with the world around them.

Excellence in Senior Living

If you are searching for a senior living community for yourself or an older loved one, we hope you will consider Five Star. With 270 communities in 30 states, you’ll have a variety of options from which to choose. 

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