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Dating Over 60 – Tips for Finding Love Later in Life

Dating Over 60 – Tips for Finding Love Later in Life

Dating can be an intimidating task at any age, but especially for older adults. It can feel like dating is a young person’s game, must be done online, and most people don’t date when they’re over 60.

Many older adults begin dating later in life due to a divorce or the death of a spouse, which can make the prospect all the more daunting. In many cases, this is all happening at a time when older adults’ social circles are shrinking. Retirement often means the loss of work friends. Friends and neighbors might relocate to be closer to their children and grandchildren.

Many of these worries are misconceptions that are either flat out false or can be looked at in a new and encouraging light. It’s important to remember love has no expiration date and dating after 60 years of age is common. Here are a few ideas to help you navigate dating in your 60s and beyond:

Dating in Your 60s: Tips, Tricks, and Advice

Sign up for a club, volunteer, or take a class:

This is one of the best ways to meet people at any age, but especially when you’re dating in your 60s. Like to give back? check out volunteering opportunities in your area. Want to stay active? Join a fitness class with Ageility. Like to learn? Paint in art class or learn a new language. Older adults who participate in activities reap many awards like lower rates of depression and cognitive decline, an opportunity to meet like-minded people, and more.

Join a senior center:

Most communities have a local senior center. They typically offer programs and activities for members that range from luncheons to yoga. Some even offer transportation for older adults who no longer drive. Membership fees are usually very affordable.

Be open to keeping relationships casual:

Don’t feel like you have to rush into anything when you meet someone new. Remember dating in your 60s is just about getting out there and having a good time at your own pace. Take the time to get to know someone, but if you find your stars align, by all means enjoy this new chapter!

Check out dating sites and apps:

At this moment, you’re living through the golden age of online dating. Never before has there been so many options, especially for seniors. Dating sites and apps offer age-specific, interest-specific, and life-style specific options so you can meet singles in their 60s, singles of a specific religious denomination, or singles who are farmers.

Connect with friends from the past:

Not sure if you’re ready for dating apps? Try reconnecting with friends. Worst case, you’ll get to spend quality time with a friend. Best case, you find someone who you’ll love spending every day with.

Dating After 60 in a Senior Living Community

Living at a senior living community is one of the best ways to foster any relationship—platonic or romantic. With plenty of activities, excellent local transportation to neighborhood attractions, and having your needs taken care of, you can dedicate your time to your friends and loved ones. Meet fellow residents at a community barbeque, a chair yoga class, or on a group excursion to a museum.

Explore New Connections at Five Star Senior Living

Dating can be daunting, intimidating, and nerve-wracking, but it can also be exciting, fun, and joyful. Remember you’re not alone, many older adults are looking for new and intimate connections—and many find them.

At Five Star communities, we offer the highest level of service so there’s always an activity to enjoy or an event to attend for a chance to find love and connection. Discover a community or contact us to get started!

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