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Preparing a Loved One with Dementia for a Move to Memory Care

Preparing a Loved One with Dementia for a Move to Memory Care

<!–[CDATA[When a senior loved one has Alzheimer’s disease or a related form of dementia, keeping them healthy and safe is a big concern. As the disease advances, it can become more difficult to meet their needs. Family members struggle to safely manage their family member’s care around the clock. 


If your family is experiencing this struggle, a memory care community might be a good solution. These communities are designed to help adults with dementia feel productive despite their disease. 

Tips for Moving to a Memory Care Community

Moving can be tough in the best of circumstances. For people with memory loss caused by dementia, however, the challenge can be even greater. The senior may experience what is known as transfer trauma

The term refers to a cluster of symptoms associated with moving during the senior years. Fortunately, it can be minimized if you take time to plan for the transition. Here are a few tips:

  • Set realistic goals: Unless this move must happen quickly, try to be reasonable about how fast it happens. Rushing through a relocation will increase anxiety for you and your loved one. 
  • Establish a time line: After you determine a realistic date for the move, sit down and create a time line. If you are the primary family caregiver for your loved one, you may need to enlist friends and family to help or hire a professional move manager. 
  • Get involved before the move: Another suggestion is to talk with the team at the memory care community about how to get your loved one involved prior to moving day. Visiting a few times a week for activities or meals might help make the transition easier on both of you.
  • Plan ahead for the day of the move: The day of the move will no doubt be hectic. For an adult with dementia, it can increase agitation and anxiety. Make sure you create a moving day plan for your family member. It may involve them staying with a loved one while you are packing up for the move. Or you could have a friend supervise the movers while you go ahead to the community. The goal is to minimize your family member’s exposure to moving day chaos and stress.
  • Create a familiar environment: The transition will go more smoothly if you try to make the new apartment or suite look and feel like their old home. Ask for a copy of a floor plan ahead of time. That will help you figure out what furniture and belongings will fit. Make sure you bring family photos, familiar wall décor, bedding, and other belongings. 

Memory Care at Five Star Senior Living

The award-winning memory care neighborhoods at Five Star Senior Living are called the Bridge to Rediscovery. Here you will find a team of professionals who are specialists in working with adults who have all types of dementia. 

Call the Five Star community nearest you to schedule a time for a private tour!

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