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What is Luxury Senior Living?

What is Luxury Senior Living?

If you’ve gone on Google and looked into senior living options, you’ve probably come across the phrase, “luxury senior living.” The concept of luxury retirement living has come of age, driven in part by the rising number of Baby Boomers considering retirement.

But what exactly is luxury senior living? Definitions vary widely, as do the range of communities advertising premium services and amenities. At one end of the spectrum are communities promoting the good life: the upscale apartments of a high-rise, the concierge-like services of a fine hotel, and resort-like amenities such as movie theaters and heated indoor swimming pools.

The catch? The entrance or buy-in fee for some luxury communities can be pretty steep—in some cases, from hundreds of thousands of dollars to well over $1 million. The monthly fees are substantial as well. Fortunately for those who choose to be more discriminating with their retirement nest egg, it’s possible to enjoy luxury living for a lot less. Let’s talk about what really makes senior living luxurious.

Living the good life where your needs are taken care of

Merriam-Webster’s dictionary offers a definition of the good life as “a happy and enjoyable life.” According to The World Happiness Report 2021, which is based on Gallup polling data, some of the major factors supporting a happy and enjoyable life are health, someone to count on, freedom and trust.

If you or someone you love is older, you might be surprised (and happy!) to learn that according to the report, the wellbeing of people over 60 rose significantly in 2020, including fewer health problems! The higher ratings were attributed mainly to better health and, interestingly, “someone to count on” in the form of neighbors and technology to keep loved ones connected.

Interestingly because it so happens that having someone to count on is a major advantage of living in a community designed for older adults, whether that someone is a neighbor checking in, a team member taking care of errands or housekeeping, or family members dropping by. You never have to worry about you or your loved one being alone. Senior living communities also enable the freedom to enjoy a life without chores as well as having onsite support and services—and, in the case of some Five Star Senior Living communities, onsite fitness and rehab centers—all provided by folks you’ve come to know and trust, all of which support better health.

Luxury living: plush and personalized

Of course, enjoying luxurious accommodations can be part of the good life, too. A Five Star senior living community might offer any or all of the following, with an emphasis on personalizing services and amenities for a bespoke experience:

  • Gourmet-style dining, including personal favorites
  • Beautiful lobbies, living rooms, meeting areas, card rooms, activity spaces, bars, bistros, courtyards, pools and other inviting spaces where you can meet with friends and family
  • Pianos, drums and other musical equipment for classes or general use
  • Onsite fitness centers
  • Onsite entertainment and Happy Hours
  • A full complement of social, educational, wellness, cultural and spiritual program
  • Guided day trips to places of regional interest, with transportation
  • Extra-attentive team members—servers, housekeepers, maintenance—who are focused on your every need

Five Star Senior Living offers premier community options with these features and so much more. Search our communities and you will see which ones offer resort-like services and amenities such as concierges, bistros, pools, full libraries, beauty salons, doctor house calls, landscaped gardens and incredible views. Across the board, however, whether independent living or assisted living, no matter which Five Star community you choose, you can count on enjoying the good life.

The wealth of warmth

The added advantage of a quality senior living community is that all of these life enhancements come with a sense of independence in the warmth of a community setting, a kind of personal wealth money can’t necessarily buy. When you think about it, luxury living can be seen as being in a class by itself—or living where you feel you’re flying first-class. It’s all a matter of perspective.

Good living happens here

Ready to make a change? Ready for the good life? Find out if there’s a Five Star Senior Living community near you. We’ll make you feel like royalty.

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