Understanding the Role of a Senior Move Manager

Understanding the Role of a Senior Move Manager

Mar 06, 2020

The seniors and adult children we work with often tell us they wish they had made the move to a Five Star Senior Living community sooner. One challenge they cite as the reason they didn’t was the process of downsizing and packing up a lifetime of belongings. Just the idea of it can be overwhelming.

If your family has been putting off a move for that very reason, we have a suggestion we know will help make things easier.

Senior move managers are a group of professionals who have experience helping older adults with every step of a late life relocation. From sorting through a basement full of “treasures” to preparing for the actual day of the move, a senior move manager can help your loved one make a smooth transition to an independent or assisted living community.

Services Offered by Senior Move Managers

While services will vary from company to company, most move managers can help seniors:

  • Create a floor plan to determine what furniture and belongings to bring with them to their new home, and what to do with everything left behind.
  • Assist with the downsizing and packing process.
  • Help make arrangements for an estate sale, if needed.
  • Arrange for a trusted moving company and oversee the loading and unloading of the truck on moving day.

Because these professionals work exclusively with older adults, they understand the emotional side of leaving the family home. Having someone who empathizes with their situation can make a big difference in how your senior loved one feels about this transition.

Professional Accreditation for Senior Move Managers

Several national organizations offer certifications senior move managers can work to achieve. Both groups maintain a database of certified senior move managers. You can visit either of them and search by zip code to find a senior move manager near your aging loved one’s home:

  • National Association of Senior Move Managers
  • Certified Relocation & Transition Specialist

The Cost of Hiring a Senior Move Manager

Expenses vary according to the area of the country your senior loved one lives in and which services you require. Some senior move managers offer combination service packages, while others charge according to an hourly rate.

Our best advice is to solicit quotes from two or three companies and to always get detailed pricing in writing before hiring anyone to help with this move.

If you have questions about senior living or need help beginning the conversation about moving with an older loved one, we invite you to call the Five Star Senior Living community nearest you. Our experienced team members will be happy to help!

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