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Frequently Asked Questions about Assisted Living Communities

Frequently Asked Questions about Assisted Living Communities

When adult children first begin to explore senior care options for an aging parent, they often find themselves a little unclear about the role an assisted living plays. Some think it is just a prettier version of a nursing home while others mistakenly believe an older adult must be in near-perfect health to move in to one.

We thought it might help if we answered a few of the most frequently asked questions about assisted living on our blog this week.

Assisted Living FAQs for Adult Children with Senior Parents

Q: If my father needs help with his showers and grooming, can he live in an assisted living community or does he need a nursing home?

A: Personal care is considered to be one of the activities of daily living (ADL). Many residents of an assisted living community require daily help with bathing, dressing and grooming. Your father would be able to get the help he needs in an assisted living community.

Q: My brother thinks our mother needs a nursing home because she needs assistance managing her medications. Is that true?

A: Needing help with medications doesn’t mean your mom can’t live in an assisted living community. In fact, medication management support is one of the most commonly required services for residents in an assisted living community.

Q: We are trying to figure out how to pay for our parents to move to an assisted living community. Their budget is fairly tight. My dad was a veteran though and I’ve heard there is assistance specifically for senior care. Does that cover assisted living?

A: The Aid & Attendance benefit can help veterans and their surviving spouse pay for care if they qualify. Contact the Five Star Senior Living community nearest you to learn more about this unique benefit.

Q: My mom and I are starting to research Memory Care Assisted Living communities for my father. His Alzheimer’s disease has progressed to the point where we can no longer safely manage him at home. My parents purchased long-term care insurance many years ago. Will it help to pay for assisted living or just a nursing home?

A: It depends upon the policy. Many do help pay for care in a licensed assisted living community. Typically on a daily rate. You should definitely review their policy or call the insurer to be sure.

Q: Can my parents bring their own furniture if they move to an assisted living community? I’m not sure I can convince my mom to move unless she can!

A: Goods news on this one. Older adults can definitely bring their own furniture with them when they move to an assisted living community. Most communities encourage residents to decorate their apartments in a way that makes it feel most like home to them!

Q: Do assisted living communities allow pets?

A: The answer to this one depends upon the community. Many are pet-friendly but usually have breed and weight limits on dogs.

Learn more about our pet-friendly Five Star Senior Living communities.

Q: Does Medicare pay for assisted living?

A: Unfortunately, the answer to this one is “no.” Medicare only covers healthcare related expenses such as a hospital stay or a short-term rehab stay. Because an assisted living community is considered to be for older adults who need custodial care, Medicare will not help with the costs.

We hope this helped to answer your questions about assisted living!

If you have a question we didn’t address here, we invite you to contact the Five Star Senior Living community closest to your senior loved one for more assistance.

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