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Engaging Activities When Grandkids Visit Assisted Living

Engaging Activities When Grandkids Visit Assisted Living

If a senior you love lives in an assisted living community, you no doubt understand the importance of family visits. Of course, weekend trips to Grandma or Grandpa’s house might look a little different now that they live in an assisted living community. But it’s important to include grandchildren, even the youngest ones, in these visits.

This is why we’ve pulled together a few fun intergenerational activities your entire family can enjoy together.

Intergenerational Activities for Assisted Living Residents

Here are a few ways to enjoy an intergenerational family visit to an assisted living community:

  • Board games. Technology may have captured most kids’ attention in recent years, but board games can still be fun for families. Whether it’s a rollicking round of Monopoly or quiet, strategic moves made in a chess match, board game can make the hours fly by.
  • Coloring books. That’s right – coloring books aren’t just for kids anymore! Adult coloring books are quite popular. They not only encourage creativity, but can also be a relaxing activity for people of all ages. So grab some crayons, colored pencils, or markers and get to work. Staying in the lines not required!
  • Puzzles. Brain games are a great way to have fun and stimulate your gray matter. Jigsaw puzzles are always a crowd pleaser. If there’s room, set up a small table in the corner with a puzzle that you can work on together each visit.
  • Chapter books. Everyone loves a good cliffhanger, right? Choose an exciting book, perhaps one that features an adventure story, and have a family member read a chapter every visit. Young grandchildren will be intrigued by a good plot—and it’s yet another reason to look forward to a visit with Grandma or Grandpa!
  • Arts and crafts. Hands-on activities are a great way to keep minds and hands active during a family visit. Pick a simple craft idea that is easy for both little hands and senior hands to work on.
  • Nature walks. If the assisted living community has landscaped grounds, take a walk together. Fresh air and exercise are a wonderful combination. It also allows the family to meet and socialize with their senior loved one’s friends and neighbors.
  • Look at photo albums. Another enjoyable pastime for families is looking through old family photos. Seniors and young children alike will enjoy the trip down memory lane.

Treating You Like Family at Five Star Senior Living

Families gain peace of mind when a loved one makes a move to a Five Star Senior Living. That’s because we treat your loved ones just like they’re part of our family. Visit us online to learn more about assisted living options for your senior family member.

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