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Does Independent Living Include Meals?

Does Independent Living Include Meals?

Seniors and their families choose independent living communities for their convenience – from eliminating the burden of home maintenance to having access to activities and amenities right outside your door, and dining is no different. While dining options at independent living communities differ from community to community, the bottom line is that yes, independent living typically includes the option for chef-prepared meals, eliminating the need to grocery shop, plan meals, cook, and clean up, so you can enjoy every day without wondering, “what should I make for dinner?”.

Independent living dining also makes it easy and convenient to dine with other residents, helping to strengthen new friendships and provide social time you can look forward to each day. Let’s take a closer look at what type of dining options are most commonly available at independent living communities.

Dining at Five Star Senior Living

Included Meals

Depending on the independent living community you choose, you may have various options for which meals are included. Most commonly, independent living community dining includes two meals a day, prepared by senior living community chefs trained at the nation’s top culinary institutes. Whatever your culinary preferences and dietary needs, there’s a Five Star independent living community to (quite literally) suit your tastes.

Independent Living Dining Options

When you think of senior living dining, you may not realize just how many options are available! All of our independent living communities feature a community dining room where you can enjoy our chef-prepared meals with other residents. Many of our communities provide restaurant-style, all-day dining, meaning you’re not bound to a set schedule and can eat whenever you’re hungry. Depending on the independent living community you choose, you may also have access to other dining options such as:

  • The ability to reserve a private dining room for mealtime with family and friends or personal celebrations
  • Cafes for a morning latte or afternoon tea with a friend or a good book
  • Bars and cocktail lounges with happy hours to socialize over food and drinks

Feel like ordering some takeout or cooking at home? Go right ahead. In addition to ‘dining out’ at various dining venues within the community, many of our independent living apartments, studios, and cottages include kitchens or kitchenettes in their floor plans, enabling you to ‘eat in’ or prepare your own meals if that’s something that brings you joy. Don’t feel like cooking, but don’t feel like leaving your apartment either? Order delivery. Local restaurants and food delivery services will deliver to our independent living communities just as they would any other home or apartment complex.

No matter where you choose to eat in the community, our approach to senior dining remains the same – restaurant-quality, chef-prepared meals designed to satisfy your cravings with made-to-order options that are nourishing, healthy, and delicious. Have dietary concerns, allergies, or need to be on a special diet? Not a problem. Our chefs will work with you to accommodate your needs. You always have a say in what goes on the menu, and all of our food is backed by our Fresh Food Pledge.

Find an Independent Living Community with Meals Near You

At Five Star, we recognize that dining and meal planning is just one factor to consider when choosing an independent living community. As you consider which senior living community is right for you, our experts are happy to help. Contact us today with questions or use our community finder to browse Five Star Senior Living communities by location, community type, or amenities. We’re excited to help you find the right community for you to help you feel most at home.

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