The Five Star Mission Statement

The Five Star Mission

Our mission is to honor and enrich the journey of life, one experience at a time.

Five Star Senior Living is committed to providing exceptional care for residents in our communities, but also to being a premier platform of services for older adults, and our mission statement guides us on that path. We chose each of the words in our mission statement carefully; each one embodies a specific meaning that defines the attitude, outlook, and guiding principles of our company. It's our sincere intent that our team members take this mission statement to heart and use it to guide them in their interactions with residents, clients, and even fellow employees. 


At Five Star, we respect our residents, our clients, and each other. We acknowledge people for who they really are and honor the life experiences that have led them to us.

We focus on discovering who each of our residents are as well as what supports them in creating happiness and moments of purpose. This allows us to honor their choices, as well as provide them engaging opportunities that are meaningful to them and provide a sense of purpose.

In return, our residents and clients honor us by allowing us to be a part of their journey.


At Five Star, we recognize that growth does not stop with age. Our processes are geared towards enriching and improving the quality of life by creating an environment that promotes lifelong learning, new friendships, fitness, and fun.

We work to keep our residents and clients engaged through our Five Star resident programming and the availability of choices. Our Ageility rehabilitation program helps get our clients back to busy and productive lifestyles as quickly as possible. We also partner with the wider community to create a sense of integration, connection, and belonging.

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Journey of Life

At Five Star, we do not take lightly that our residents and clients have placed their life journey in our hands. As Five Star team members, this responsibility is part of our own life journey, rather than just another day at work.

We are here to make sure that our residents and clients are able to get the most out of their journey and continue to engage in the activities that they value. We acknowledge milestones, celebrate with them through happy moments, and support them through challenging times.

One Experience at a Time

At Five Star, we believe that every interaction we have is an opportunity to create an experience. In each moment, there is an opportunity to live out our values – they are not merely something we believe, but something we do.

Every company thinks their customers are unique but at Five Star, we have the opportunity to experience our residents and clients individually. We need to cherish these moments we have with the residents. Think of the power of what could happen if we all asked ourselves, “How will this experience benefit those around me?”

Aging is often characterized as a time of reflection on past experiences. Our experience has shaped who we are and how we interact with the world. Conversely, celebrating each experience in the moment focuses on the meaningfulness of the experience. We believe that life is made up of a series of planned as well as unplanned moments and our team members are always open and available so we can seize the moment.

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