Virtual Tours at Five Star Senior Living

Virtual Tours at Five Star Senior Living

Dec 04, 2020
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See for Yourself—Safely

Interested in a Five Star community but want to take a closer look? Why not take a tour?

Wait, you say. How do we do that during COVID? No worries—Five Star offers live virtual tours so you can see everything we have to offer in real-time. Meet our team members. See a typical residence. Chat with some residents who could be future neighbors. It’s safe, convenient, and best of all, we’ll answer your questions and you can feel the “vibe” of the community.

How it Works 

man looking at iphoneOnce you’ve contacted us with your details (see below), you’ll receive a message from your Five Star sales counselor introducing themselves and explaining your personalized virtual visit. (We offer Zoom for multiple family member tours and FaceTime for individual tours. For Zoom tours, your sales counselor will make sure all family members have the invitation and login information. 

What to Expect

Tours may vary by community but typically include the following:

  • Each personalized visit begins with meeting your Five Star sales counselor and conversation about your specific needs and wants, which helps tailor the virtual visit to be most useful to you.
  • You’ll take an actual tour just as you would in person, starting at the front door. You’ll see everything that interests you, like the neighborhood, a residence, the dining area—even saying hello to some of the neighbors.
  • You’ll also meet team members, which can include the Executive Director, caregivers, Chef, Director of Resident Care—whoever you’ve told us you’d like to meet.
  • Your visit wraps up by recapping with your sales counselor and answering any questions you may have.

And, if you’d like to sample our Five-Star dining  menu, we’ll offer ways to make that happen!

Advantages of Virtual Toursteam members wearing masks

Virtual tours are every bit as personalized as in-person visits and offer additional advantages:

  • Safe for everyone
  • Convenient to schedule
  • Allows family members from multiple locations to participate
  • Focused on what matters most to you

Schedule Your Tour Today

If you're unsure about what you're looking for and you would like to speak with someone to learn more, give us a call at (833) 457-8271. If you're ready to start touring, just use our community finder tool to find a Five Star Senior Living near you and complete the simple form telling us when you’d like to schedule your tour. We’ll be in touch!

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