Health and Wellness for Families

Active Aging: Wellness at Five Star Senior Living

At Five Star Senior Living, we emphasize three service areas that represent pillars of our promise to prospective residents and their loved ones that we will work to achieve excellence in all phases of life in our communities. These pillars are Health & Wellness, Warmth & Hospitality, and Dining & Nutrition. While are all important, it is not coincidental that Health & Wellness comes first, because unless our residents are as fit and well as possible, they can’t enjoy all the other aspects of our offering, such as our innovative programming, delicious food, and welcoming atmosphere. We call this active aging – providing enrichment programs that help residents continue to learn, grow, and live a life of comfort and meaning.

The Five Dimensions of Wellness

At the core of our Health & Wellness programs is a model of wellness based on work done by the National Wellness Institute. The five dimensions of wellness that our specially trained staff deliver in both formal and informal contexts are:

  • Physical. Though our residents’ physical abilities vary widely, some regular physical activity is essential for health. This includes exercise and movement, as well as nutrition and limiting risky behaviors such as smoking. It’s also important that our residents understand their health issues and medications, the possible interactions between medications, and their right and responsibility to ask questions about the care they receive. Residents should always feel empowered to be an active participant in decisions made about their health care.

  • Social. Quiet time sent alone is normal and important but many seniors find themselves isolated and the lack of socialization is not conducive to wellness. We find that our residents blossom when they participate in small group activities. By interacting with other residents and contributing to their environment, residents have a more enjoyable and fulfilling live and the entire Five Star community grows stronger and more vibrant.

  • Intellectual. Keeping the mind active is every bit as essential as keeping the body active. “Senior moments” happen to everyone from time to time, but the more that our residents engage their intellectual and cognitive faculties, the longer they can retain them and truly enjoy their daily lives. Games and puzzles, visual and performing arts, classes and other learning opportunities all help to sharpen the mind and achieve personal growth in terms of skills and knowledge, as well as remaining abreast of current events.

  • Spiritual. The spiritual dimension recognizes inherently human search for meaning and purpose in our lives. While religion may play a significant part in how any given resident will look for and find this meaning, the spiritual dimension transcends any particular faith or system of beliefs. Rather, it emphasizes living our lives with integrity, connecting with people and our environment, and appreciating nature and the mysteries of our world.

  • Emotional. Emotional wellness reflects not only the ability to comfortably express a range of appropriate emotions – something that does not always come easily to people of a certain generation – but also being able to feel positive and enthusiastic about our selves and our lives. We help our residents discuss their feelings – often they are more concerned about their children than themselves – and form interdependent relationships with others based on mutual commitment, trust, and respect.

Signature Programming Delves into Each Dimension

The greater the balance among the five dimensions explained above, the happier and healthier our residents will be. Obviously, different people will be stronger in certain dimensions, and that’s why our specially trained staff works with each resident individually to assess their needs and provide extra attention to them. In addition to regular activity program, each Five Star community offers three signature programs for each dimension of wellness, utilizing either internal resources or external experts to deliver engaging and productive programming designed to keep our residents at the highest levels of health and wellness as possible.