Frequently Asked Questions about Moving to Assisted Living

Moving is tough at any age. For older adults, however, the transition can be both physically and emotionally difficult. This generation of seniors didn’t move around much. As a result, they may have lived in their current home for many decades. Parting with it isn’t easy.

We’ve addressed some of the more common concerns we hear in the questions and answers below.

Downsizing to Senior Living FAQ

Q: My children live out of town and have busy lives. I know I need to move to a senior living community but I don’t want to burden my children with downsizing my house. What can I do? It’s overwhelming to think about doing it all on my own.

A: We hear this concern from seniors often. Sorting through and packing up a lifetime of memories and belongings can be overwhelming. One resource we like to share with families is a group of professionals called Senior Move Managers.

They are experts at handling all of the details of a later life move. You can find one near your home by visiting the National Association of Senior Move Managers or Certified Relocation & Transition Specialist.

Q: My mom agreed that it was time for her to move to an assisted living community this winter. She knows she just isn’t safe living alone any longer. We found a community Mom seemed to love. Now we can’t seem to get her motivated to actually make the move. I’m afraid she is going to back out. How can we encourage her to take the final step and move in?

A:This sometimes happen when it actually comes time to make the move. Your mom is probably anxious and a little uncertain. A late life transition like this isn’t easy to make.

What might help is to get her involved in some of the events and activities at the new community now, instead of waiting until she actually moves in. Talk with the staff to see about helping her find a buddy with similar interests and hobbies that she can bond with during her visits. Becoming more familiar with the community and with a few fellow residents can help make the move feel a little less intimidating.

Q: My father needs more help than we can provide for him to be safe at home. I think he realizes it but is reluctant to leave the friends he’s made in his neighborhood. Dad has lived there for about 25 years. What can we do to reassure him he can stay connected with his old friends while still making new ones in assisted living?

A:Good question! Embarking on a new chapter in life doesn’t mean old friends have to be left behind. Assisted living communities offer a wide range of programs and events residents can invite guests to participate in. And they also offer transportation services so your dad can attend events in and around town with his old buddies.

Fortunately, there are other ways your father can stay in touch. Social media channels like Facebook or a video chat service such as Skype are two easy avenues for staying connected.

Q: When I visit assisted living communities with my daughter, I find it all a little intimidating. Moving from a small house to a big community is frightening. I just don’t know if I can learn my way around a new place.

A: We know this is a big change! It is a concern we often hear from seniors and their families. The good news is that there will be staff and fellow residents around who will be happy to help you learn your way around the community. Before long you will find yourself feeling right at home!

We hope this information helps you or the senior you love feel more positive about the changes ahead. If you have a question we didn’t answer or if you would like to schedule an in-person visit, please call the Five Star Senior Living nearest you. Our staff will be happy to arrange a time that is convenient for you to join us for lunch and a personal tour!