FAQs about the Veteran's Aid & Attendance Pension Benefit

FAQs about the Veteran's Aid & Attendance Pension Benefit

Questions Families Ask about Veteran's Senior Care Benefits

Many veterans aren’t familiar with a benefit they may be entitled to for help covering the costs of senior care. The Aid & Attendance benefit is for veterans and their surviving spouses. 

Here are answers to questions we most commonly receive about the Aid & Attendance benefit:

Q: What is the Aid Attendance benefit?

A: This benefit is paid to veterans and/or their surviving spouse when they need the aid and attendance of another person to manage their activities of daily living or for those who are homebound.  They are a part of the veteran’s pension benefit,  but are awarded in  addition to the veteran’s basic monthly pension.

Q: How long does it take for these benefits to be approved by the VA?

A:  Unfortunately, the process can be a lengthy one. It can take between six and ten months for a veteran to receive an approval and for their benefits to start. If your loved one or their surviving spouse is 90 years of age or older, you can ask the VA to expedite the application. The good news is that, if approved, the benefit is awarded retroactively back to the time the senior first applied for assistance.

Q: Does the VA conduct a “look back” for a certain period of time like Medicaid does?

A:  At present, there is no look back period. However, in January of 2015, the Veteran’s Administration created a proposal that would amend this. If approved, it would create a look back period of three years.

Q: If my parents were divorced at the time my father (the veteran) died is my mother eligible for Aid & Attendance benefits?

A:  In the majority of cases, the answer to this question is no. The VA has, on a few occasions, taken in to consideration a divorce caused by physical abuse or extreme mental cruelty and approved the benefit.

If you are considering an assisted living community for a senior you know, our local team members can help you apply for the Aid and Attendance benefit.
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