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Life Enrichment and Senior Living

Life Enrichment and Senior Living

There are many myths about senior living communities. A persistent one is that the older adults who live there primarily play Bingo and watch television all day. The truth is, programs like Five Star Senior Living’s Lifestyle360 have much to offer older adults. They keep seniors connected and engaged in life, helping to prevent depression and improve overall wellness.

As you are preparing to help an older loved one move to an assisted living community, what can you do to encourage them to participate in the life enrichment activities?

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Review the calendar together: Obtain a copy of the Life Enrichment calendar from the community prior to the move. Sit down and review it with your family member. Talk about which programs and activities sound interesting to them. Senior living communities offer a variety of activities every day ranging from book clubs to Chair Yoga. Picking a few to get started with can help build your loved one’s confidence.
  • Help them find a buddy: If you know your aging family member is a little hesitant about going to activities alone, share your concerns with the Life Enrichment Director. They will be able to match your loved one with other residents who already participate in the programs your family member is interested in. If your loved one prefers you attend programs with them until they get to know fellow residents, senior living communities welcome you to join in on the fun.
  • Phone call reminder: It might also help if you give your senior loved one a quick reminder phone call a few minutes before an activity is scheduled to begin. Encourage them to participate and to call you afterward to let you know how it went.
  • Event escort: Most assisted living communities have staff who can help escort residents to and from events. Talk with your senior loved one to see if they would like you to make arrangements for someone to assist them until they learn their way around the community.
  • Request an activity: If your family member has a special hobby they want to continue with or talent they are willing to share, talk with the life enrichment staff. Senior living communities are always happy to expand the activities they offer to include new and fresh ideas for residents to enjoy.

One final tip is to get your loved one involved in community activities now instead of waiting for them to move. It will help make the transition go more smoothly.

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