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Notes of gratitude

Thank you to all our wonderful families for sharing their experience with Five Star during the pandemic. We’re honored to be your partners in care during this unprecedented time.


“As a physician who works in long-term care, I’ve been impressed with the excellent communication from the administration and staff during this challenging time. I’m so thankful for the excellent job you’re doing to keep the residents healthy and safe while meeting the needs of their families. The team members here are pros!”
– Diana H., The Palms, Mount Pleasant, SC

“My mom has lived at Springwood Court for the past three years. I could not ask for a more loving and supportive staff. Although the pandemic has reduced social interaction, team members strive to continue activities for the residents. They’ve kept us informed throughout the pandemic and implemented every safety precaution. I feel blessed to have found Springwood. I would highly recommend the community for your loved one.”
– Shirley D., Springwood Court, Fort Meyers, FL

“I can't say enough about ALL the wonderful staff here! These last few months have been a little difficult due to COVID-19, but they have gone above and beyond to make things as pleasant as possible for mom while keeping everyone's safety a priority. Mom is treated with kindness and respect by everyone.”
– Resident family member, Crimson Pointe, Rockford, IL

“I want to thank everyone at The Devon for taking great care of my family member and for keeping him healthy and safe. It was heartbreaking not to see my loved one during COVID-19, but with the sunshine visits, FaceTime calls, emails, and other ways of keeping our family updated, it was so much easier. Thank you to everyone from administrators to nurses to housekeeping — we so appreciate everything you do.”
– Resident family member, The Devon, Devon, PA



1 week ago

I moved my 88 year old Aunt and Uncle into Lexington Manor in Feb of 2020 - and I'm so glad I did! No sooner did I get them moved in, COVID hit. There is no way they could have managed on their own. Noelle, and all the staff there are extremely nice and my Aunt and Uncle love it there!



1 week ago

Peggy Bryson has been an angel to our family. She assisted us in helping move my 92-yr-old mother into Five Star's "assisted-living" facility in May 2020 (during the pandemic), and was incredibly helpful until Mom passed away 4 months later. Peggy then paved the way for a 2BR "independent-living" cottage to come available for our 91-yr-old father last October. She checks in on him frequently & assists with our requests for minor maintenance issues in his cottage. She's been a caring & kind-hearted support to us all, and we're deeply grateful to her.



1 week ago

I am writing to express appreciation and to sing the praises of Abi Chahi and his wonderful team.
I had the opportunity to witness the February 14, 2021 COVID vaccination clinic in action. It was truly heartwarming to see the care, compassion and devotion shown by Abi and his entire team, including Angela, Susan, Audrey, Jazzie, Joe and Cindy to name just a few. Abi clearly cares deeply for every resident, as does his team. It was all hands on deck to ensure the safety and comfort of the residents and to ease their anxiety. They even went the extra mile and played soothing music in the Community Room as the residents waited their turn to be vaccinated, and to have a pianist in the Winter Garden where the residents were monitored after receiving their vaccination. They created a festive atmosphere, with Valentine’s Day decorations, a Valentine’s Day “goody bag” for residents and a beautiful Valentine’s Day cake. For these residents, who have been isolated from their families and loved ones for 11 months, it was truly a day to remember, enabling them to see “the light at the end of the tunnel!”
In addition, I want to give an extra shout out to Abi Chahi for making it his mission and for leaving no stone unturned to make this vaccination clinic a reality so that the residents can be protected. No doubt Abi’s top priority is the best interests of the residents. As a resident's family member, I am grateful for that. THANK YOU to Abi and your team!



1 week ago

I am so pleased to leave a review for Morningside. My first experience with Morningside began 4 ago, when my parents moved there. My dad was requiring more care than my mom could provide on her own. The chance to stay together for 2 more years was such a blessing for them both. The staff is warm and friendly. They obviously care about their residents as more than "patients." Rather, they treat the residents as family and friends. Additionally, the accommodations are modern and spacious. Daily activities and events keep residents involved. Holidays are celebrated with decorations, food, and festivities. However, when my father's needs required him to move to skilled nursing, Mom made the decision to move out of Morningside and into an independent senior apartment. She had hopes of making friends and enjoying a more active social life. Then, Covid. Instead of being active and social, Mom was isolated and alone. Her memory began to decline and I was concerned for her mental and physical well-being. We made the decision to return to Morningside recently. We were welcomed with open (and familiar) arms. On the day she moved back, Mom was treated like a queen. I have the reassurance that people are in and out of her room several times a day, providing much needed socialization as well as keeping an eye on her health and safety. If you are looking for consistent, experienced, professional, and loving care for yourself or a loved one, Morningside is the place for you. Paula, Myra, Renee, Pablo, Dart, Pam, Susan, Dena, Shea and so many others are waiting to meet you!



1 week ago

Although my 96 year old mother recently passed, our whole family has nothing to say but the highest praise for the staff of Forwood Manor. She spent 4 years there, first in independent living and finally in assisted living. The entire staff, from the director, to the whole back office staff, to all the receptionists and security officers, to the physical therapy center, the hair salon, and to all the housekeepers and maintenance staff, the behind the scenes cooks, and the darling high school kids who work in the dining room (when there’s not a pandemic), we did not experience one person working there who wasn’t lovely. The residents themselves are also lovely and mother had many friends. Before the pandemic, the place was beautifully maintained and activities were wonderful. They have handled the pandemic with grace and good common sense, to the best of their ability keeping people as safe as possible in a dreadful situation. Although we’re in a strange time in history, presumably when we have this disease under control, for those who are no longer able to live on their own, Forwood Manor is a perfect place.



1 week ago

My great-grandmother lives here in the memory care part. This place is very accommodating and the staff are very kind. They also are doing a lot of precautions to keep people from getting Covid which I really appreciate!



1 week ago

Our parents have lived at Morningside of Belgrade for 2 years. We were so happy that they could have an apartment together. That made the transition easier for them. They’ve met new friends and settled in well. The staff is friendly the management team is amazing! Before COVID we were able to visit whenever we wanted and take them for outings. Since COVID, it has been a challenge but we feel the staff is doing a great job under very difficult circumstances. Recently, it became apparent to the staff that dad’s needs were changing and he needed to move to the Memory Care Unit. They clearly explained everything to us and we agreed with their assessment. With COVID, we were unable to help but the management team and staff rallied around them. They kept us in the loop and did ALL of the work. We couldn’t be happier with the support we got and are still getting. Dreama and her team in the BTR have been amazing helping dad adjust and feel comfortable. What a relief! The move was harder on mom who is naturally feeling very emotional about it. Again, the management team has come to the rescue. Kasey, Emily and Nancye visit with her, hold her hand and reassure her. They have made sure she can visit him whenever she likes. That helps. We are pleased with all the service we have received.



2 weeks ago

My Father just recently moved out of Heartlands Village at Ellicott City. I can tell you we are very sad to leave. Daddy spent 7 wonderful years in the Enhanced Independent Living community and made wonderful friends and lasting memories of good times. Recently, he had to move due to effects of COVID-19 and he will no longer be able to live independently. I thank Lisa Hines for listening to me share memories and allowing me to emotionally prepare for the separation. She has a kind heart. I will be forever grateful for the time and attention and the life that my Father lived at the Heartlands. We will come and visit when we can!



2 weeks ago

Recently interviewed for onsight staff position. (Even if I don't get a call back) it was a positive experience. Hearing the company history and meeting staff. Tour offered. Dialog was great and energy was welcoming. Visibly taking Covid precautions seriously



2 weeks ago

My dad has been at Eastside Gardens for a couple of years and we couldn't be happier. The staff takes great care of the residents and my dad is always talking about how they are so friendly and nice and just "good people." They have a ton of activities and a well-kept facility. They do a good job of communicating with family members about our loved ones and I SO appreciate how careful they have been during COVID-19 to keep the infections out of the community. It has meant restricted visiting time to see my dad but it's worth it to keep him and his fellow residents safe!

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