7 Tools to Keep Indiana Senior Gardeners Safe

7 Tools to Keep Indiana Senior Gardeners Safe

  • May 05, 2015

The benefits of gardening are well documented. They range from lower blood pressure to helping a senior maintain their core strength and flexibility. But chronic health issues may put older adults in the Hoosier state at risk for problems such as a fall or back injury.

Now that it is time to head back out in to the garden, we wanted to take a few minutes to share some information that can help keep the older gardener you love safe this summer.

Garden Aids for Indiana Seniors

Let’s start with garden aids that may be helpful to you or your senior loved one:

  • No Bend Weed Puller: When an older adult has balance problems that make him or her a little unsteady on their feet, weeding the garden can be dangerous. This garden tool helps minimize that risk because it eliminates the need to get up and down from the ground or to bend over to pull weeds. Instead, seniors can weed their flower beds from a standing position.
  • Coiled Hose: Another garden chore that increases a senior’s risk for a fall is watering. Dragging a heavy hose around the yard can make it easy for him or her to lose their balance and fall. Newer coiled hoses are more senior-friendly than the old style. They are light weight and made to stretch further.
  • Garden Scoot: Some garden tasks are best completed at ground level, but crawling around the yard on your knees can be tough for Indiana seniors who live with arthritis or who have had a knee replaced. A heavy-duty garden scoot like this one will allow a senior gardener to work from a seated position. Its heavy-duty pneumatic tires and swivel seat are also helpful to older gardeners.
  • Garden Rocker Kneeler Bench: This senior-friendly bench makes kneeling while planting or pruning easier on aging joints. Knees can rest comfortably on the cushioned bench while the gardener is working. When you are ready to stand back up, the hand rails on each side to make that easier and safer to do.

Senior Friendly Garden Tools

Finding garden tools that are comfortable for older adults to use can also make this favorite pastime more enjoyable. A few good ones to consider are:

  • Ergo-Friendly Garden Tools: Friskars developed a line of ergonomic garden tools that range from pruners to spades. They are designed to be easier on older hands.
  • Easi-Grip Tools: These are another line of tools that might help Indiana senior gardeners. The easi-grips on them allow hands to remain in a more natural position while gardening, making it easier and more comfortable for arthritic hands to maintain their grip.
  • Garden Kneeler Tool Pouch: This pouch makes it easier for older gardeners to store and keep track of their tools while they are working. It helps reduce the risk of falls by eliminating the need to get up and down to search for tools.

For other tips on Successful Aging or Caregiving for an Indiana senior, we invite you to follow our blog. We share the latest news on aging and helpful resources to support caregivers all across the Hoosier state.

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