What Not to Say to a Senior When Talking about Assisted Living

What Not to Say to a Senior When Talking about Assisted Living

  • November 10, 2016

For most adult children, the idea of talking with an aging parent about moving to an assisted living community can be daunting. Families often say they delay having the conversation even when they know it is in their family member’s best interest to move.
We know the holiday season is often a time when families are together and begin to tackle these conversations. To help you avoid the pitfalls that may make your parent resistant to this type of change, we’ve pulled together a few suggestions.
What Not to Say When You Talk with Your Parent about Assisted Living
Avoid Saying: “I found an assisted living community near my house that I want you to move to.”
Yikes! Talk about pulling the rug out from under your parent. Unless their situation is dire and an immediate move is necessary, it is almost always better to include your parent in the process. While it might help if you visit a few communities to learn more about senior living options and financing, don’t make decisions without their input. Involving your senior loved one is an important part of helping them feel as if they are maintaining their independence.
Avoid Saying: “You won’t have anything to do all day but enjoy yourself!”
While it is true that everything from laundry to maintenance can be provided for a resident of an assisted living community, part of successful aging relies on allowing seniors to handle whatever tasks they want to do and can safely manage on their own. A sense of purpose is important to most older adults.
Instead, explain to your parent that help is nearby 24/7 for whatever tasks they need a little extra help completing.
Avoid Saying: “This move is what is best for you.”
No adult wants to be told what is best for them and seniors are no different.  Older adults, including those with chronic or life-limiting illnesses, need to feel empowered to make their own decisions.
A better approach is to ask your parent how they are feeling about their current living situation and what they find themselves struggling with each day. If you’ve done your homework beforehand, you will be prepared to explain to them what the benefits of an assisted living community are and how it can help them overcome each of their current challenges and those they may encounter in the future.
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