5 Father's Day Gift Ideas for Older Fathers

5 Father's Day Gift Ideas for Older Fathers

  • June 04, 2015

Searching for just the right Father’s Day gift for an older adult each year can be challenging. If you are struggling to find one your father will truly enjoy, here are a few suggestions that might be of interest:

  1. Technology: Gifts that make it easier to stay connected may be welcome. A tablet device is an easy way for seniors to email friends and family, download an e-book from their local library and use social media platforms like Facebook. Some also have a web cam that allows older adults to Skype with loved ones on the other side of town or across the country.
  2. Gift of Time: Another meaningful gift is your time and that of other loved ones. It might be a grandchild offering computer tutoring to help a grandparent master a new laptop or set up their own blog. Or it could be a coupon book they trade in for help with projects around the house, a lunch out, or a visit to a local park.
  3. Nature Lover Gifts: An older adult in the Hoosier state might also appreciate nature-related gifts. A birdbath or bird feeder may be well received or a gift card to a garden center where they can buy plants for their home or yard.
  4. Basket of Games and Crafts: A grandparent may appreciate a basket full of new games and craft projects they can enjoy with their visiting grandchildren. This list of Parent’s Choice Award Winners may give you some ideas.
  5. Gifts from the Heart: Sentimental gifts are always welcome. Some ideas to consider might be to create a photo wreath, a scrapbook, a family milestones calendar or a digital photo album.

We hope these suggestions give you some helpful ideas for the older fathers in your life this year!

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