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Stannard Chosen as Care Leader

July 18, 2017

Andrea Stannard of Laramie Care Center has been chosen as a Future Long Term and Post-Acute Care Leader! The Wyoming Health Care Association (WHCA) announced today that Andrea Stannard has been chosen by the American Health Care Association and the National Center for Assisted living (AHCA/NCAL) as a future leader in long term and post-acute care.  Andrea will join the Association’s Future Leaders program, a year-long program that offers training and guidance for long term and post-acute care professionals.

“AHCA/NCAL is dedicated to offering skilled nursing professionals, who are providing high quality care, the opportunity to enhance their leadership skills,” said Mark Parkinson, President & CEO of AHCA/NCAL.  “We look forward to seeing Andrea Stannard and the entire Future Leaders class apply these newly-acquired skills to improve the well-being of individuals within long term and post-acute care.”

WHCA is a Wyoming association of Skilled Nursing Homes across the state, promoting quality care and rehabilitation for residents since 1979. As part of that quality care, WHCA selects one member who displays exceptional qualities, to take the year long training offered by AHCA to further their skills and to join other WHCA leaders as the number of Wyoming’s seniors escalate.

Andrea Stannard has been in the healthcare business for sixteen years, and is the Administrator of the Laramie Care Center on 18th street in Laramie. Andrea is an active participant in the nation-wide “Quality Initiatives” through the Mountain Pacific QIO as well as AHCA/NCAL’s three levels program.  She has also been awarded the Five Star Operation in Excellence Award among numerous other awards. Andrea is an officer for WHCA.

AHCA/NCAL’s Future Leaders program covers the latest theories and application in quality management, customer satisfaction and leadership.  Kick off for the year long program is September 13-15,2017.