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4.5 10

2 days ago

I am absolutely and completely pleased with the services rendered at Willow Pointe. Recently attended a celebration there and the staff was so welcoming. Glad to see the new faces. Happy with the new activities person. She is, enchanting, talented and multifaceted. I have seen her working the floor, and organizing activities for residents. My father LOVES bingo. And to see it in action is awesome! Great work, and amazing personality


6 days ago

I am very impressed with the Lifestyle 360 Director. Love seeing her smiling face and her enthusiasm with the residents. Her interaction with each and every person is made with such poise and grace. She knows each residents likes and dislikes and watching her give her 150% is so thrilling and encouraging. Way to go!


1 week ago

The director recently taught me resilience isn't a single skill. He said it was about the process of developing a variety of skills and coping mechanisms. As we have our philosophical chats around the inevitable obstacles and inequities of life he taught me to emphasize the positive and bounce back from bumps in the road as well as failures -- to gain a strong sense of self efficacy. Thanks, Matt! On behalf of all of us, your work at Willow Point is astounding There are several new faces in management. I am incredibly thankful for the bubbly personality on assisted living. PayPal has an incredible amount of energy and a contagious happiness in everything she does.

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