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Meadowmere Northshore

4.9 8

10 months ago

Excellent community.


11 months ago

The staff are great, they get me everything I need. It’s good to know they are here whenever I need them, day or night.


1 year ago

It’s a joy to visit Mom and Dad in their new residence at Meadowmere Northshore because every time I come they tell me what a wonderful choice was made for their new home. They volunteer their huge satisfaction with how welcoming the staff have been “They all knew our names from the start and made us feel so comfortable”. They are busy which is also a blessing-there is so much for them to choose from to do-especially for my mother who previously was pretty confined to her home, sleeping too much and watching TV-now she is winning at BINGO and enjoying the programs and other activities provided. Meadowmere has opened up her world enormously. My brothers and I feel the quality of Assisted Care they are both receiving has been exceptional! The staff have already worked some small miracles with our very independent minded father who refused to accept he needed help of any kind. We feel so grateful to Meadowmere. It’s such a tremendous relief to see the improvements he has made and his new comfort with using a walker.

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