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6 months ago

It was so hard to make the decision to find a new place other than my home for my awesome mom. We went to see Jackson Crossings. We met Jackie and she was so informative and comforting. My mother and I are so grateful for the wonderful care she receives.Caregivers like Angela and Kelly make it easier . They take care of my mom with their heart and not just for a paycheck. There are others who do the same. I am just relived to know there are others that will take good care of my mom. If anyone needs to make this decision please go meet the awesome staff at Jackson Crossings


11 months ago

Although the facility is beautiful, warm, welcoming, and immaculately kept, it's the people who staff Jackson Crossings who make the Jackson Crossings experience a true home for the residents. During my visits as a pastoral care member of St. Francis Cabrini parish, it's hard not to notice how actively engaged the staff members are with the residents. The residents-regardless of their physical or mental circumstances-are unfailingly treated with integrity, professionalism, kindness and a smile. The emotional atmosphere is upbeat and caring. Too often our elderly feel as if they have no voice and the institutions where they live are sad places where residents simply sit and wait. Their physical needs may be well taken care of, bu they no longer feel connected. That is not the case at Jackson Crossings. This is one of my happy stops while making my visits. Would I encourage a loved one (friend or relative) to live here? YES! Would I choose to live here? YES!


12 months ago

The family was very pleased with the care Glenn received while he was at Jackson Crossings.

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