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Dominion Village at Poquoson

Hear directly from Dominion Village at Poquoson residents and their families. Read recent reviews and testimonials about what it’s really like living in a Five Star Senior Living community. If you like what you hear, consider scheduling a quick tour to see Dominion Village at Poquoson for yourself.
4.9 20

1 week ago

Excerpt from a Eulogy “Jesus said in my Fathers house are many mansions ... well, Mama Ray’s mansion in the sky must look a lot like Dominion Village at Poquoson ..... right here on Wythe Creek Road. She LOVED it there. On the days when mom got cantankerous Dominion Village loved her through it. You may hear negative about places like that, because no place is ever good enough for the people we love, but (as a nurse) with my own nurses critical eye - I’m here to tell you, The staff of Dominion Village at Poquoson did right by My mother. Ask me anything, I’ll tell it to ya straight.” 


3 months ago

My dad had stayed here now on 5 different occasions over the past year and a half. He stays with them so our family can go on vacation (dad isn't able to come with us) and this last time due to a family emergency. Everyone has been so helpful but especially this last time. My family was so rushed and overwhelmed and they did everything they could to help us get dad moved in quickly. Two of the managers stayed late to make sure we got there ok and to make sure we were ok. I'm sure we all seemed so distracted. The other staff that were there welcomed dad back and brought him some goodies to his room. But this place goes even further! The next day to my surprise, flowers were delivered to the hospital from "dad and your DVAP family" I can't even begin to explain how much that meant to us! We are lucky that we are able to care for dad but we are even more lucky to have found them to help us when life happens! I know that when we can no longer care for dad, that there is no other place we would want him to be!


4 months ago

Visited my great aunt last weekend and she seems so happy here. Very well cared for and loved by the staff. The staff invited me to have lunch with her, I'll be honest i was hesistant because i was thinking it would be like hospital food. To my surprise everything was delicious and it felt just like i was at my great aunts house for Sunday dinner. I was very impressed and glad to see her so happy


8 months ago

My family and I stopped in for a tour and we were surprised at everything we saw. We walked in the front door and we were greeted by the office staff. (we did not have an appointment, we just showed up) The lady giving the tour was very friendly and helpful and took her time to answer all of our questions and trust me we had a lot. All the people that live there seemed happy, when we were there they were playing a trivia game and we heard lots of laughs. When we were looking around all of the staff we saw stopped and talked to us. We really felt welcomed. When we were leaving they even gave each one of us a huge brownie! it was delicious! Even if we weren't looking for an assisted living I would recommend going just for one their brownies! We are planning on going to a few more places to look around, but none so far have made us feel so welcome or given us goodies and we all loved it!


9 months ago

As and home health employee I am in and out of a lot of communities. This community is however one of a kind. Its the perfect place to call home. Down home charm sums it up perfectly. All the patients i have seen there are all very well cared for which makes my job so much easier knowing that my patients are in the best of hands. Its reassuring to me the way all the staff genuinely love all the residents and you can tell the residents needs and well being are the most important thing


1 year ago

My family and I absolutely love the staff at Dominion Village at Poquoson. We visit a few times a week and at different times and the staff are always smiling and helpful. Our mom is happy and well cared for. It was so hard to make a decision but the staff here welcomed our whole huge family into their community and has made all of us feel like we are a part of an even bigger family. We are so thankful to have found this gem!

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