Morningside of Bellgrade

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2 years ago

Morningside at Bellgrade is a wonderful community. My grandma is very well cared for. The nursing staff is always cheerful and kind, even when they have their hands full. They are always checking in on my grandma and taking care of her needs and they seem to know all the residents and their personalities very well, like neighbors. The receptionists are all very personable. I have taken my grandma to some of the activities and they are inclusive and engaging so that anyone who joins will be involved in the action. They accommodate religious ceremonies so that my grandma can receive communion even though she can't leave to go to church anymore. The food is reliably delicious and fresh, with a great wait staff that loves to have fun with the residents. Whenever grandma needs a little sweet something in between meals, they are happy to oblige. The best part that you will notice when you tour this community is that there are many residents up and about, doing activities or hanging out in the common areas together, and always seem to be happy and enjoying themselves. I would highly recommend this community to anyone searching for assisted living for their loved ones.


3 years ago

Staff is friendly and helpful. Food is good with choices available. Laundry is efficient and reliable. Trips are interesting and there are both independent and wheelchair accessibility.

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