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Veterans Day

Wednesday November 11, 4 PM

Join us to celebrate Veterans Day, Wednesday November 11, 4PM.

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Dr Hollis E. Bivens colonel medical corps, retired US Army 1976, also retired from MD Anderson Cancer center where he worked for 14 years as a Professor of Anesthesiology. He served in the Korean war and stayed on to help create new a modular medical facilities for use in combat zones contain operating rooms, wards, for the Vietnam War and they still in use today. MUST (medical, unit, self-contained, transportable) “I just could not stop volunteering for things, got involved with open heart surgery teams as a resident, NASA Apollo and Gemini missions, commanding tanks in the armor regiment, Chemical corps as a research chemist, teaching nuclear physics and heading up biological safety support and then went to medical school....” States Dr. Bivens. Including the move to the Forum January 2014 Dr. Bivens has moved a total of 46 times in his life and by using his modular concepts made that easier. The Doctor however is far from slowing down; he says having fun is his job now. He and his wife Doris love vacationing to Hawaii and taking cruises. Both really like continuing care services and the rental structure of the Forum. They were happy find The Forum which meets all their needs and able to stay in Houston near their daughter Sharon.

The Forum at Memorial Woods is honoring our Veterans with a 5% discount. Call us today and find out more about how we help our veterans or to schedule a tour 713-956-0870.