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Afternoon Tea with Annie Cater

August 29, 2016

Afternoon Tea with Annie Cater
June 2016 Nationally Recognized Etiquette Authority “Miss Manners,” Annie Cater presented her rendition of “Proper Etiquette” and “Mannerly Tea Techniques.” This afternoon high-tea catered by local Houston business "Your Cup of Tea" was true British Tea & Crumpets style. It highlighted the tradition of tea time and the kind of fancy-schmancy social affair where one must mind her manners while delighting on crustless finger sandwiches and an array of dainty scones, cakes, macaroons and other tempting nibbles. Miss Cater, age 87, presented a presentation on the etiquette and history of tea while educating her audience as she spot lights important stories and history of women in the ‘Social History of Tea.’ Who Is Miss Manners? Mrs. Annie Cater is a nationally recognized and respected authority on etiquette “Do’s & Don’ts” in both the business and personal arenas. You probably recognize her from her appearances on OPRAH, Great Day Houston, and The Mike and Matty Show.  She has also graced the stage on various NBC and ABC network appearances, was “The Lifestyle Consultant for Tiffany & Co.,” and a columnist for My Table Magazine.  For more than 40 years, she has helped men, women, and young children alike become more self-assured, organized and mannerly.