Meet the Chef

The Forum at Memorial Woods

A Word from our Chef:

Ceasar Garcia - Culinary Arts Director

Cesar began his love for food when he was just 16 years old in Laredo, Mexico. Instead of going into culinary arts he Ceasar-Forum-at-mem-woods.jpgwent to college and studied Business Administration and began working in Advertising and Marketing, but his passion for cooking led him to change careers, he began attending the Art Institute of Houston where he earned his Culinary Arts Degree and became a Certified Executive chef.
While at the Art Institute of Houston he served as a member of the culinary competition team which further developed his passion for fusing different flavors of food. He has cooked in fine restaurants, luxurious hotels, and hospitals. Cesar has worked with many leaders in the culinary profession who have helped shape and influence his style and depth of knowledge, most recently Cesar trained with local celebrity chef Hugo Ortega at the well-known Hugo’s restaurant; here he honed his culinary skills taking special pride in how each meal was presented.
“Food must not only taste good, it also must look good” states Cesar. His dedication to presenting quality food is the foundation of his success.