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1 month ago

Mrs. Helen Downey invited me to the fun Hawaiian Luau June 23rd 2017. It was a lovely evening. The staff did a wonderful job. The salads and desserts were delicious and the decorations so cute! We had a great time of fun, food and entertainment. Thank you so much.


3 months ago

My mother in law has been at Morningside in Springfield for a year now. My husband and I have been really pleased with all the services and amenities. My mother in law is 92 years old and all the people at Morningside treat her wonderfully. They take the time to get to know the new resident and learn what their needs are so they can better serve them. My mother is also at Morningside and has been their since August of 2016. Again, everyone has been wonderful to feel the needs and help get mom settled in. We are very blessed to have an assisted living facility in Springfield that will work with the families to help make their loved one's new home away from home like home as much as they can. As most all the residence will tell you, "It is the next best place to be."


5 months ago

My mom is at Morningside. She had a stroke, and overnight, her life changed. She was no longer able to care for herself, due to the effects of the stroke. After hospital care and rehab, it became evident that mom would not be able to go back home. While the transition has been hard on everyone, the caring staff at Morningside has made a difficult situation so much easier. Not only is Mom receiving excellent care, her beloved pet is able to stay with her, too!

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