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Quilts of Valor

August 10, 2017

Quilts of Valor
On July 20th a Quilts of Valor presentation was held at Morningside of Springfield. Donna Sandidge, the coordinator of the Springfield/Robertson County area, opened with an introduction of coordinators and volunteers. Ginger Fondren,  the Assistant QOV Executive Director for the State of Tennessee,  reviewed the history of Quilts of Valor. Dawn Wilcox, the Coordinator of the Clarksville/Montgomery County area,  presented the certificates while the volunteers, Linda Earheart, Debbie Pendelton, and Alicia Williams presented the quilts. Recipients included: Mary Owensby, US Air Force; Forde Callis, US Army; Wendell Meggs, US Army; Joe Mason, US Army; Ellis Nichols, US Navy; Jim Bowie, US Air Force; Gilbert Salter, US Army; Earl Britton, US Army; and Jim Johnson, US Army. Family members of the veterans were invited to attend the presentation. Several attended, including Burton and Linda Cooksey who came to honor Linda’s father, Forde Callis. 

Pictured: Forde Callis,  Jim Johnson, Earl Britton, Jim Bowie, Ellis Nichols, and Wendell Meggs.