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Morningside of Paris

Cindi Walker

2 weeks ago

First rate people, who go the extra mile to provide personalized service in a loving & caring manner.

Kenneth Clayton

2 weeks ago

My mother, Norma Clayton was a resident of Morningside of Paris for 3 years prior to her death Feb. 5, 2016. During her time at Morningside she made many friends among the staff who provided her with compassionate loving care. The supervising staff worked with her to make sure she was comfortable in her environment and had the best possible room within her budget. The nursing staff was very attentive and always checking on her and making sure she received any medical attention she needed routine or emergency. The RA's were patient and my mother developed many lasting relationships. As she lay in the bed in the hospital bed in her last days many of the supervisors and and floor staff came to see her family insuring the genuine love and friendship they showed. The kitchen and dining hall staff were equally involved in her care making sure that she had the proper type of nutrition. I was a frequent visitor with my mother at least once a month and usually stayed several days and I also experienced the friendly care the staff provided, the housekeeping staff kept her room and the entire building clean and orderly. I was especially impressed as the facility never had any offensive odors. I could not have found a better facility for my mother to have spent her last years in. I would highly recommend Morningside of Paris to anyone looking for a facility for their mom or their parents.

Rose Owens

2 weeks ago

The woman I take care of is someone who can't remember beyond 30 seconds. Morningside takes care of her home and personal needs. She has everything provided for her life, clean room, clean towels and clean clothes. They get her nails and hair done on a weekly and biweekly basis. The meals are wonderful. The nurses care is always available and on point whenever there is a need or even a question. She has a lot of activities available that are so much fun. It's really great. All they do. Most important they really care about their residents. Thank You.

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