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9 months ago

I am a disabled vet that requires Assisted Living. After retirement I skipped in and out of 5 other local assisted facilities before arriving at Morningside. My one year anniversary is just around the corner. The community here is amazing. From administration to care giving the staff deserves special recognition. The building itself shines as a tribute to the very close and loving staff. I have absolutely no complaints or issues from the date I moved in until this evaluation. Having core professionals ensure the maximum quality care and security. I recommend Morningside to all people needing outstanding assisted living.


9 months ago

In March 2015, I became a resident on the 30 day trial basis. I had just completed a two month stay at a post surgery rehab after a quadruple bypass heart surgery. Every effort was made to help me adjust as I could no longer live in my home nor ever drive again. All personnel, well nearly all of them, made great efforts to help me adjust to a new residents. This included using Morningside's furniture until mine could be moved into my apartment. What is more important than my experience is that others have been and are being treated in like manner.

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