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2 years ago

I can truly say that I absolutely love everyone at the Myrtle Beach Manor ! They are very thoughtful and caring staff. They without a doubt saved my fathers life. When all others said he would not survive they never gave up. My father went through his 3rd cancer surgery. He was taken to a rehab/nursing home in Maryland. The conditions were absolutely horrible. Worse then most jails in the country. My father developed Grandma seizures, diabetes, COPD, pneumonia,was on a peg feeding tube. I was ask by two doctors at that facility if I wanted them to pull the plug. I knew right then and there I had to take him some where that people really cared. That place without a doubt was Myrtle Beach Manor. My father started showing improvements within a just a few days. Within a little more than a month after the loving care that he received from the entire staff (John, Kimberly, Tina, Patricia, Rachel, Donna, Christine, Cathy just to name a few) he no longer has seizures, does not use any oxygen, diabetes is non existing, he is completely off the feeding tube, is eating REAL FOOD and is walking on his own.. It is if nothing ever happened. I know that it is because of the love and professional training that everyone there gave to my father, I am forever thankful to everyone in that entire staff. April Logan and family

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