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1 month ago

Fifteen years ago as my daddy lay dying in ICU at LMC; I made a promise assuring him that I...his only child...would take care of mama. Over the years I have tried to do just that...supporting her with love, prayers, and care as well as I knew how. Last November, though, it became apparent I could no longer do that alone. So, we began to seek another "home" for mama. When we walked through the doors of Morningside of Lexington; we immediately felt the warmth of the caring staff and the beauty of this 5-Star Assisted Living Residence! And, to make matters even little bitty, 92 yr. old, set-in-her-ways mama LOVED it!!! WHEW...what a relief! And, over these past 7 months Morningside has become her "home!" Care has turned into love...staff has turned into family...and stress has turned into relief! At every turn, every need has been met...not with obligation; but, with true dedication and concern for mama's health and well-being! I can't say enough good words for our "extended" Morningside of Lexington family! Handshakes become (((HUGS))) at Morningside!! Thank you to Jeremy and all the staff of Morningside! We love you!!


1 year ago

The care provided to my mother at Morningside of Lexington is excellent! Brenda Harris is doing a wonderful job! The team is welcoming, friendly and caring. It’s great to know my mother’s well-taken care of.

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