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1 month ago

I’d like to commend Judy Koch for her warmness and kindness towards me. She provided me with a lot of information that I was inquiring about. She was so patient and helpful.


4 months ago

My mother entered Mt Vernon a year ago January. My sisters and I could not be more happy with the care she is receiving. They staff are professional, curious, and friendly with their major goal being the care of the residents. They have a variety of daily activities for the residents ranging from exercise, religious, fun, memory and special events. The rooms are comfortable and either looking out on a very nice patio or wooded areas that are full of deer and turkeys. One of the beliefs of the administration that I was told early on by the director was that she hires for integrity as the job can be taught, but integrity is the person. I have seen this in the people who work at the facility. The meals are tasty, I have eaten there a number of times when I have visited my mother. I recommend Mt Vernon without hesitation for someone who needs a wonderful place for a parent.


5 months ago

Both my parents are residents at mt Vernon of South Park, my dad is in the locked unit and my mom has dementia and is on the regular unit. I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful staff you have there. Both of my parents have been in a total of four other places between the two of them and I have never come across a nursing staff that is as caring and kind as the staff at mt Vernon. The nurses, Sally, Chrissy, Megan, Christy and Dineen are angels on earth. I know corporate HQ usually hears the bad but I wanted you to know what a wonderful staff you have there. Thank you for all they do.


10 months ago

Our uncle, Jim Calabria, was a resident at Mt. Vernon of South Park for the last year. The staff of aids, nurses, laundry and kitchen were the best. The management staff never failed to stop in and check on him each day. They went out of their way to treat him with respect and compassion. He told us often about one or another employee doing something extra for him . We saw first hand the way the staff took care of him, as we were there most every day. Mt. Vernon is a very clean facility. Bright and airy. Jim passes away several days ago and we would like to thank the staff for all they did for him. God bless you all.


11 months ago

My mother recently had to transition from the Assisting Living area to the Dementia area at Mt. Vernon. Her transition was made so much easier due to the care of the Nursing staff (especially Deneen, Kristy and Megan), the aides and Bridge to Rediscovery Director (Cherrie). Nurse Deneen goes over and above to make the environment there so uplifting with her pleasant personality and engaging ways with all the residents. She makes each and every resident’s stay there as pleasant as possible. Thank you to everyone at Mt. Vernon for the great care of my mother.


1 year ago

My cousin Helen Yanik is in your home, I have never seen a cleaner, pleasant place, the staff speak to everyone, no one is push in a corner and left alone, The staff takes very good care of everyone, I really like the safe outdoor area, and the sitting rooms, and I like how everyone is treated like they are at home especially the way they go to the dinning room and eat like they are at a restaurant. Again the place is very clean. 

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