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Mount Vernon of South Park
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Mount Vernon of South Park

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7 months ago

My cousin Helen Yanik is in your home, I have never seen a cleaner, pleasant place, the staff speak to everyone, no one is push in a corner and left alone, The staff takes very good care of everyone, I really like the safe outdoor area, and the sitting rooms, and I like how everyone is treated like they are at home especially the way they go to the dinning room and eat like they are at a restaurant. Again the place is very very clean. 


9 months ago

I really appreciate how much you care about your residents. You keep your home very clean. No bad smells. It really made a difference changing the decorations on the walls and doors each season. The brightness helped make it not seem like a hospital or normal nursing home. I personally have never experienced a facility such as this. Your outdoor spaces were exceptional. The gardens are not just for show. Being kept up with the greenery and flowers, different areas to sit. Wow! Your staff is top notch. They all are caring and very friendly.

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