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Tiffany Court Residents Are Family

Our residents radiate with joy, laughter and love for the life they live—and their smiles are our true reward. Whether it’s our incredible, Pennsylvania flavors, bright, open spaces or cozy, comfortable setting, our residents can’t wait to share with you what they love about Tiffany Court at Kingston.





1 year ago

Our mom has been @ Tiffany for over
1 1/2 years. It was very tough for us & her at first, however, in time, the Tiffany staff & activities won her over! Now with the Coronavirus lock
down, it started all over. Fortunately the administration responded very quickly & the staff responded as well, putting mom in a VERY happy state of mind, as well as being safe. The staff has been outstanding in making this an extremely tolerable time, working with us & our mom to alleviate any anxiety. Great Job!
Thank you to all!!



1 year ago

It was a very difficult decision putting our mother in assisted living. She was heartbroken & in turn, so were we. However, once there, things turned around faster than I ever imagined. The meals, the staff, the activities, & the administration literally catered to her. She boasted about all the attention being given to her, as well as ordering her meals off a menu. She raved about the activities, & much to our relief, her medical needs were attended to.
Now with this Coronavirus pandemic upon us, Tiffany was closed to all visitors. It was worry time again, however, the staff has excelled in making our mother as comfortable as possible & has catered to our phone calls & visits through the windows, just to merely wave to each other, which keeps her going. Tiffany has provided the 24/7 attention as well as an atmosphere that we could never provide her at home, which makes all of our lives much easier, especially during this extremely difficult time. It has been a mutually beneficial relationship.
I can't thank the staff enough for making mom feel special.
Thank you all.....!!!
Bob Kovach



1 year ago

This is about my dad, Dave Jones. After mom needed a nursing home situation dad was left to himself at their apartment. He did real good for almost 2 years, with the help of family, home health care...then we added more help. Dad just wanted to stay at home. But he was getting so lonely while we worried about his health. We tried to convince him Assisted Living would be so much better but he would not hear of it. Until, my brothers, cousin and I just took him 'for a ride one day'. My brother and cousin had already done extensive research on local places and knew Tiffany Court was the perfect place for dad. Well, dad loved it and within 1 week we moved him into a beautiful double room with a very sweet roommate! This was in February 2019. We have not seen our dad this happy in years! The staff are so loving and kind! Dads getting physical therapy! Three very delicious (dads words) meals every day. And every afternoon the coffee and tea is available for snack time in the large cheery bright community room! My dad never misses the sweets or the coffee! Dads a very social guy, and is friendly to all. I believe Tiffany Court is a great fit for my dad but also for anyone who may be shy...the nurses, staff, kitchen crew all work very hard to treat each resident with dignity, respect, and kindness. The day we moved dad in he sat in his new recliner and cried, he said 'I don't deserve all this'. Well, dad, yes you do. Thank you Tiffany Court, thank you Cathy Sue Flynn. And God Bless all of you who tirelessly help the beautiful residents at Tiffany Court!❤️



1 year ago

My Aunt Marie has been staying at Tiffany Court for the past couple months while recovering from major hip surgery. The physical therapists have been working with my Aunt since her arrival. Our family was somewhat doubtful that Marie would walk again. Two days ago she had asked me if I wanted to see her walk. Reluctantly, I wheeled her into the therapy room. With the guidance of the professional therapists, Marie had slowly walked on both feet (with her walker) and made her way her way out of the room. I was both shocked and elated! I had no idea about the progress Marie had been making. I thanked the therapists with tears of joy in my eyes. The care she receives at Tiffany Court has been superb. When anyone asks her about the place she always replies that she loves it and that the food is great. I can clearly tell when a person enjoys their work and it is evident in all of the employees who are all very professional, friendly and sincere. We are truly relieved our Aunt Marie is being so well cared for at Tiffany Court. Thank you to all the employees for your hard work and kind hearts!


1 year ago

I want to express my gratitude and appreciation to Linda Heath. My mother has been a resident of Tiffany Court for two months. Linda has been wonderful! She is very professional and compassionate. Linda is a real asset to your company.



1 year ago

The team at Tiffany Court Kingston is doing a fantastic job! They treat my mother like a princess. She’s very happy there. It’s been a great experience.


1 year ago

I have been a resident at Tiffany Court for 11 months. I fell in love immediately and I have felt like I have been at home since walking through the doors. The staff are here to assist me and answer any questions that I may have. My roommate is excellent, and we have become like sisters. She got me to like sports and I got her to like the Hallmark Channel. Dining appeases our appetites as well. We have many activities to attend too. Games, music, art classes, and social events are offered and encouraged to attend to. I could keep going on. My friends here are like family. We enjoy doing things together. I would recommend Tiffany Court for your home.

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