Meet Our Team

Mount Vernon of Elizabeth

Lisa-Photo-edit.jpgLisa Wisniewski
Bridge to Rediscovery Director

Lisa began her career with Mt. Vernon of Elizabeth over 20 years ago. She began her career as a nurse’s aide until she was promoted in 2011 to the role of Director of the Bridge to Rediscovery Program. Her desire to not only help those around her, but those with dementia shines in the work she does so proudly. Lisa is an active participant in the Alzheimer’s Association and advocate for those with dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Billie-Jo-pic-edit.jpgBillie Joe Sokolowski
Lifestyle360 Director

13 years ago Billie Joe was a Project Manager for Westinghouse when her grandfather moved into Mt. Vernon of Elizabeth. After visiting every day and interacting with the residents she was asked to apply for the position of Life Style 360 Director. Even though times have brought much change to Mt. Vernon one thing remains true, her gratitude and the love she has for her career, she finds it to be the most rewarding job she has ever had.

Maura-edit.jpgMaura Bernarding
Sales Director

Maura has been with Five Star since January, 2016. She not only has experience in Sales & Marketing in the healthcare industry, but has spent over 12 years doing sales in the hospitality industry. She loves being able to help families feel assured that their loved one is going to be safe and well taken care of when they come to live with us. Maura feels that it is a privilege to be trusted with helping resident’s and their families during the decision making process. In her spare time she enjoys hiking the trails of Pennsylvania.

john-pic-edit-(2).jpgJohn Byers
Maintenance Director 

John has been doing maintenance for over 30 years now. In his spare time he likes spending time with his wife and their fur family, hunting, fishing, and riding his motorcycle.