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At The Forum at Town Center in Happy Valley, OR, we love to showcase reviews and feedback, because you have the chance to hear from residents in their own words. Everyone’s experience is unique, but there’s so much we share, and so much that connects us. Here are just a few thoughts from our community:


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Karen and Ken


2 days ago

My husband Ken and I moved here more than 8 years ago from Hawaii to be closer to our kids and to "grow up" with our grandchildren. We toured several retirement communities while we vacationed here, and we were most impressed with The Town Center program, amenities, campus, staff and residents. We felt welcomed and comfortable. It feels like we are pampered, going to a restaurant (our dining room) for a great meal each day, and having weekly housekeeping and maintenance available that frees us from all the chores owning a house demands. One of the advantages I appreciate most is all the opportunities we have to continue to grow and fully enjoy our "golden years." We have the freedom to relax and enjoy our retirement. Ken enjoys the gym and pool regularly.



2 days ago

An established and well-known community, this place truly warms my heart! The residents and staff make a person feel welcome, and the ambiance is one of a warm, family-friendly and cozy atmosphere. There is much to see and do! So many amenities - even a pool and fitness center! Stop by and take a tour, and pick up some amazing fudge made by one of our Executive Chefs. You won't be disappointed!



4 days ago

My husband and I moved to Oregon from Hawaii to be closer to our children and wanted to play a more active role as grandparents to the youngsters. Whenever we visited, we would tour several retirement communities. We found the Town Center and immediately felt comfortable here. The residents made us feel welcome and the staff were exceptionally helpful. We felt we had found a new home just a few days after moving in and have regarded this as one of the best decisions we have made. It will be nearly nine years we have been here and have never entertained the thought of ever moving.



5 days ago

We chose to move from Hawaii to Oregon because both children have made it a home and we wanted to be an active part of our grandchildrens' lives. Oregon is very different in many ways from Hawaii but we immediately fell in love with all the green and natural beauty. After touring retirement communities each time we visited, we chose Town Center for the exceptional staff and residents we encountered. Before a week had passed after moving in, we agreed that we had found a new home. We have been here for 8 years have have never entertained the notion of moving.



1 week ago

I have lived here for 3 years. The staff and residents are great! The location is fabulous - close to the mall, freeway, and busline. Activities are fun and enjoyable - they are exciting and challenging too! There is social fun and intellectual curiosity as well. Love the pool and option to play pool! Kudos to Abdul, Maryanne, Lisa and Devin for keeping us on our toes! We are lucky to have them.



1 week ago

Wonderful kind compassionate staff excellent management they treat everyone very well here I am part time staff I feel very blessed to work in such a kind compassionate caring community residents receive nutritional meals they are very well cared for and their overall appearance and demeanor show it



6 months ago

I am a close friend of a new resident, and we came here to visit in Fall 2019. I have prior experience evaluating retirement homes for my mother who lives in another state. Our visit to The Forum was pre-pandemic, so we were fortunate to enjoy its clean and well-maintained facilities, beautiful gardens and amazing amenities during normal times. We were both delighted with the friendliness of the staff and residents. After my friend moved to The Forum in Spring 2020, the pandemic necessitated a lot of changes for health and safety reasons, but my friend loves being here nevertheless. The staff does its best to accommodate everyone's needs and interests, while keeping everyone safe. Whenever I talk with her on the phone, she sounds happy, healthy and thriving. She is enjoying outdoor exercise classes, walking the beautiful grounds, and swimming in the pool by appointment. She has joined the gardening committee and made friends. I am convinced that she made the right choice to move to The Forum; and all things considered, I feel it's the safest place for her to be. I can't wait until it's safe to travel again, so that I can come back and visit her.



6 months ago

When I visited The Forum in September of 2019, I fell in love with the charming pergola and fountains at the entrance and the enclosed veranda with its wall of windows and skylight. All the buildings were beautifully decorated and well-maintained, with tasteful paintings and an abundance of indoor plantings. I looked forward to participating in some of the many activities.... swimming, line dancing, tai chi, movies, games, cards, and enjoying the company of others in "Coffee and Conversation" and meals in the delightful dining room. When i arrived in May, most activities had ceased, due to the corona virus pandemic. However, as I settled into my adorable apartment, I realized that the very best part of life at The Forum was the residents and the staff. The residents, though masked and socially distancing, were outgoing and helpful, and the staff...well, I can't say enough good things about the staff. My children, who live 1,000 miles from Happy valley, were unable to come with me to help settle in, ,but the staff more than made up for their absence. It meant a lot for me to have my apartment painted in the color of my choice, and when the local paint store couldn't mix my color, the Forums sales director drove my sample to another, more distant, store, where they matched my color to perfection. And all those who helped me settle into my apartment showed the same sort of help and concern: hanging pictures, connecting my TV and computer, making small adjustments to my furniture, so that everything worked. This wonderfully caring staff has taken great pains to protect us from the virus, while doing everything possible to make us happy and comfortable while social distancing. For instance, a couple of computer savvy staffers offered a class in Zoom, so that we could communicate with friends and family online. And now, since The forum has remained virus-free, management has begun to cautiously reinstate some amenities such as use of the gym; exercise classes; special needs programs; tai chi; swimming; chi gong; bingo; movies;and even new games created by the activities director. I feel secure in participating in these activities, knowing that great care has been taken with the use of disinfectant and social distancing. And we can always safely walk the beautiful grounds. I've been told by other residents that if I love this place so much during these trying conditions, I'm going to love it even more when the vast array of amenities that are missing now (had to believe that there was once so much more. This seems like a lot to me!) are restored. Meanwhile I love my life here, just as it is, and am so grateful to be living in this beautiful loving environment.



7 months ago

In 2012 and after looking at several senior communities, we chose this community to move into and make it our new home. We are very happy that we did! We loved the feeling we experienced when walking through the community and the staff were and still are, amazing. I have never met a friendlier group of folks that go out of there way to make sure their residents are well taken care of. I live by myself as I lost my husband a year ago in April. I am still very content and happy to be here and the friendships I have made I treasure. I also love the food her and the portions are plentiful. Before Covid-19, I used to participate in several activities and was also very involved in groups with in the community. Unfortunately, we had to put some of the activities on hold, but we are starting to implement some of the activities. I know that this is temporary and I will be glad when Covid-19 is over so I can get back into my usual routine once again, socialize with my friends more often and in a closer proximity. For now I am content and most I am grateful that we do not have Covid-19 in our community



9 months ago

The Forum is a great place to work at because of the wonderful residents and staff. From activities to wellness and everything in between, the Forum offers so many great things for our residents.

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