Our Events

The Forum at Knightsbridge

Whether we are planning an open-house for potential residents or arranging daily activities for current residents, there is always something happening at The Forum at Knightsbridge. View our upcoming events, and let us know if you’d like to attend an event and see The Forum at Knightsbridge for yourself.

Reach to Improve

Monday April 6, 1:15 PM

We offer our residents an exercise program called Reach to Improve. Many seniors find that as they age it becomes more difficult to complete everyday tasks. Often, their muscles have just gotten weaker. We believe that, for most people, this exercise program can help them regain lost strength or maintain what strength you have. The exercises are performed in a group setting. All participants are encouraged to work at their own level of fitness, which is different for everyone.  

This class meets every Monday at 1:15 pm, and every Wednesday and Friday at 11:00 am.