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4.8 22

1 month ago

I came to an event not knowing what to expect. Lunch was very good and the music was great. Was the happiest I have seen my Dad in some time. Thank you!


1 month ago

I love living here!!!


2 months ago

From the moment I stepped into Mt. Arlington Senior Living I knew my husband would be well taken care of. We had been invited to lunch and a tour of the facility, as we entered the vestibule we were greeted with a sign "Welcome Rankin Family". That set the tone for the tour. Members of the staff introduced themselves and made us feel special. The atmosphere that day was full of singing and laughing. I gave a four star because I know there is more great things to come!


3 months ago

We were here for the Ken Bald Exhibit. What a wonderful experience to see his art and get to meet such a talented artist in person. I think its fantastic for the 5-Star team to plan an event like this for a resident of their community. Excellent!

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