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Seasonal Senior Living in Lakewood/Brick, NJ

Seasonal Stays
Control the Weather with Seasonal Stays

What’s your favorite season? With Leisure Park’s Seasonal Stays, you can have your favorite all year long. Whether you want to look at beautiful fall foliage, watch the snow sprinkle on the ground, smell the spring flowers in bloom or enjoy a summer with the perfect amount of heat—you got it. Stay for a week, a few weeks or even a full season. Looks like you can control the weather.

Seasonal Stays
  • Accommodations for independent living, so you can experience the all-inclusive amenities that are part of the Leisure Park lifestyle
  • Convenient location in Ocean County, New Jersey
  • Housekeeping and transportation services
  • Enriching activities focused on social interaction, physical engagement, mental engagement, spiritual wellness and emotional wellness
Seasonal Stays
Cost and Payment Options

Cost is one of the largest considerations for planning a seasonal stay. That’s why we’ve made it easier by having all your expenses tied neatly into one payment.

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