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3 days ago

Mom and Dad are brand new to Leisure Park but so far things have been wonderful. Shout out to Nicole for a super initial tour and everything that followed, to Jolene for her kindness and eagerness to help, and to David Weiner for facilitating Mom’s transition from the hospital to LP rehab so effortlessly. Looking forward to hopefully many happy years in the Leisure Park family!


1 month ago

We have found the staff to be caring and the administration to be responsive. It's comforting to have a dear family member in a place I feel good about.


5 months ago

Staff members Michelle and Jashanti are wonderful and very accommodating and welcoming. The care, responsibility and passion the staff here shows is really great.


10 months ago

Tillie began living at Leisure Park in the middle of January after losing her husband and needing round the clock supervision and assistance. We have been very happy with the care she has been receiving and the home she is making for herself at Leisure Park. My husband and I live close by and visit her twice a day to help her feel comfortable with her new surroundings. Unfortunately, she ended up in the hospital for two weeks and skilled nursing for two weeks in February. Having Alzheimer’s, she had to get reacclimated to her surroundings at Leisure Park upon her return because of her being away for so longs. The staff was very helpful with all these changes for Tillie. We are very happy with all we see happening here and plan on cutting back on our visits because she is feeling like this is home. Ruth was our first real contact with Leisure Park. She was down to earth and very helpful while we made the decision to have Tillie live at Leisure Park. She was friendly, informative, and reassured us that this was the best place for her to be. Your nursing staff is top notch. Christy, Michelle, and Dimitri are always available, smiling, and helpful. You can tell that they know each of the residents as individuals and enjoy interacting with them. They are always out and about, mingling with the residents and checking on things. The Med room staff is wonderful. They are very compassionate and on top of their meds schedule. It can’t be easy to make sure that each resident gets the proper meds at the proper times each day. Laurie (I think that’s her name, she has medium length straight hair) the evening nurse, Luz, the day nurse, Natia, and Kayla and are especially nice and caring. Your activities staff is excellent. JoAnne is like the energizer bunny and seems to enjoy every part of her job. She is always available and when not running activities with the residents, she is mingling with them, giving hugs, having conversation. Roni and Alicia are also very pleasant and helpful to the residents. They enjoy their time with the residents and love doing the activities with them. The activities are so important to help keep the residents engaged and motivated during their long day. Carolyn has been the aide that I have had most contact with. She is always visible and ready to help. She is very attentive to Tillie’s needs. Rob is also excellent. He isn’t assigned to Tillie but is always ready to help her and is very pleasant. You can always find him running around to helping the residents! He can be seen everywhere! Tillie’s housekeeper Gerry is very sweet and always does a wonderful job. Linda is the chef. She does a great job and can often be found out in the dining room mingling with the residents. The food is excellent. Residents can choose from the daily menu (which changes every day for lunch and dinner) or from the everyday menu! There is an abundance of comfort food on the everyday menu. The portions are large and can be customized to exactly what the resident wants. And, there’s always room for dessert. There are certain dining room staff that need a shout out for always doing a good job. Candace is so very sweet. She takes the time to talk to the residents and make sure they are comfortable. She knows their dislikes and likes and is always trying to accommodate them. She is very calm and pleasant when dealing with all the residents. Megan is great with the residents and can always be seen running around the dining room. She is always on the move doing her job (and others). Scott, and Charles have made every effort to get to know every one of the residents. These 4 workers know the residents personally, what they like to eat most, what their preferred drink is, certain quirks about their eating habits, know which walker belongs to who, always have a pleasant smile, and try to engage in pleasant conversation with the residents. The new girl Mariana (not sure of spelling) seems very good too. She engages with the residents and is very friendly and happy. Unfortunately, there are many times when service is very slow, but I always see these 4 hustling to get the food and drinks to the residents as quickly as possible, so I am not sure why the service is so slow. It could be something going on in the kitchen. Your maintenance staff is top notch. They are very quick to respond to anything needed, are very pleasant, all jobs are done with great professionalism, and they never leave any mess. They can fix anything and do it quickly. Working in an assisted living facility is not an easy job! My husband and I are there enough to see all that goes on. Leisure Park fosters a caring environment for the residents and the employees seem to have fun interacting and enjoying the residents, giving them the support and care they need at this time in their lives.


11 months ago

Special kudos to the business staff who provided me with financial reports so quickly. The skilled nursing staff is kind and caring, The activity staff keeps every resident busy. And the administrative staff is on top of things.


1 year ago

I want to commend Ruth Dunleavy and the group of employees she' put together. She really cares about the residents here. She not only helps with the admission work but with whatever the resident needs. And not just when we sign up but whenever we need her afterwards. She really makes me feel like this is a community. You're very lucky to have her heading her team.

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