Centennial Park Retirement Village

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4.9 10

10 months ago

When I found out that I couldn't do things for myself anymore and had to find somewhere to go, Centennial Park Retirement Village was my choice. I retired from there after ten years as activity director and also ten years after that as a volunteer. It's just my home away from home. I was able to bring my things from home like pictures, shelves, recliner, chairs and a small refrigerator to put my goodies in. I come and go when I want. They have all kinds of activities. Music, crafts, Bingo and church on Sunday to name a few. I help with activities as much as I can. The nursing is very good about getting your medications to you. We have a bath aide to help with bathing if we need it. There is always apples, oranges, bananas and other food out for snacks. There is a beauty shop to do our hair. Our clothes are washed daily and brought back to us, our rooms cleaned and trash taken out. We even have a van that will take us to our medical appointments. I am VERY glad to be here and this is my home.


10 months ago

I came to Centennial Park Retirement Village Assistant Living in March of 2017. Here we get 3 meals a day with several choices of to chose from. We get our rooms cleaned and fresh linen. They have a beauty salon on site where you can get your hair cut, permed or just fixed. We do lots of different kinds of crafts, play games, have music and even learned how to make paper roses. The staff are all friendly and help you when you need help. It's nice to meet new people. And there is generally someone here you already know. I thank God that I have a place to live and someone to care for me. Centennial Park Retirement Village is now my home. I could not ask for more. If you need a place it's Centennial Park Retirement Village!


10 months ago

I have lived at Centennial Park Retirement Village since my back surgery 9 months ago. Both my husband and I were in healthcare and moved to assistant living. We had good care even when bedfast and have had good care in assistant living. The staff is very compassionate and caring. My husband recently passed away here and everyone has been so kind and considerate during this difficult time. The staff and other residents have been there for me since his death. I thank god for the caring and support I have had to help me through this time.


11 months ago

I have been here at North Platte Centennial Park for 8 & 1/2 years. It is really great here, a nice home away from home! The staff is wonderful! Therapy helped me several times. When I first came to CPRV I had a stroke and fell in my home and broke my shoulder in 3 places and had to have lots of help in health care, then I moved to A.L. , then went back and forth a few times from more little strokes. I enjoy this people friendly clean place. The housekeepers do a good job cleaning up. And the nurses are great. Good meals and I don't have to cook or wash dishes. I can't say enough how good a place it is here. Thank You!


2 years ago

Five Star Senior Living at it's best

Five Star Living, Centennial Park
Now who could ask for more,
The food is great, the company is great
They surely deserve a high score.

I came here to live just eight months ago
Kind of leery and lonesome and sad,
But as time went along I felt I belonged
In my home with new friends that I had

What a welcome relief when I made this my home
Everyone treated me very well,
The cooks and the maids, the waiters and aids,
Were so kind that it made my heart swell

Now I want you to know when you come here to stay
There are so many things to do,
Activities, music, stories, and games
I just want to mention a few

So whoever reads this and wants to know
Why Five Star Senior Living is for you,
Just close your eyes and visualize
There's a place waiting there for you too.


3 years ago

I just started volunteering at Centennial and I find this place very enjoyable. The library is a beautiful room with a bookcase that runs floor to ceiling with the books having been donated by family and friends. I enjoy my volunteer time, where I organize books and have a established a book review time. We have refreshments provided by the kitchen and everyone is so friendly and helpful.

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