Summit Place of Mooresville

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1 year ago

Things are looking much brighter as Mother slowly transitions to life at Summit Place.  She is quick to tell me that everyone has been so kind to her and that help is readily accessible. She says the food is "pretty good".  She is getting to know the new activities director Theresa Loth  (a tough transition from the gal to whom she had so tightly bonded at Brookdale) and the uptick in activities is growing on her. Sip and Paint Saturday changed from "not interested, not going" to a good shared-experience for both of us.  Different and fewer activities are the one thing that she has missed most since her move to Summit, but Teresa is very open to suggestions and she is committed to keeping brains active and challenged. I really appreciate the "professionalism with sincere warmth" that the staff family lives-by at Summit. It starts with a friendly greeting at the door and on the phone, an efficient inquiry, and a re-direct to the appropriate party or a follow-up and message taking that does get delivered... and it continues through the building! 

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