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4 months ago

My mother is a resident at Morningside on Cherokee St in Springfield, MO. I have visited her there four times since last October from my home state of Colorado. I believe she is receiving high quality care since being there due to the efforts of many staff members. In particular, I'd like to recognize the following people who have gone above and beyond in assisting in her care: Stephen (med tech) - warm, personable, genuine interest in residents, very helpful in giving us meds needed while my mother was off-campus during my recent visits Donna (med tech) - discovered boil on my mother's elbow which she quickly alerted us about, strong follow-through on her care, conscientious, sincere about her work with seniors Amanda (activity director) - works hard each day to provide as many activities as she can, sends me the monthly calendar through email so I can encourage my mother to participate, encourages residents to participate in activities Jackie -provides comfort and reassurance to residents and family members alike, she seems to enjoy her work there, friendly and welcoming Pat - good rapport with residents, provides comfort and assistance to seniors often during the evening hours which can be a lonely time for so many, a good soul I'm so sorry I can't remember this woman's name but she is African-American and was born in St. Louis. She has a cool tattoo on her neck which my mother is intrigued by. The director would know her name. She is warm, caring, and has a good sense of humor, calls my mother Chickadee which is the same name my grandfather called her. I apologize for not including last names here but again, the director, should be able to provide them. All I can say is keep up the good work! It means a great deal, especially to those of us who don't live nearby.


5 months ago

Shannon Leff is wonderful! She’s always available when needed. She’s so courteous and helpful.


1 year ago

I’ve lived at Morningside of Springfield East for three years and I must say, I am 100% satisfied with the care I’ve received from the team. Melinda, Jeff, and Noreen have gone above and beyond what’s asked of them. They have been very helpful, supportive, and caring. I can’t praise them high enough. I’d highly recommend this community to friends and family.

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