Morningside of Chesterfield Village

Resident Spotlight: Sylvia Bare

July 22, 2019

Resident Spotlight: Sylvia Bare
Sylvia Bare is a long time resident of the Morningside community. Born on March 3, 1928, to Robert E Lee and Sylvia McDaniel at the old St John’s hospital, Sylvia is a native Springfieldian.  (Her mom had a picture of a nurse holding her at the hospital, the nurse was a member of the family that owned the land that is now Battlefield Mall) She went to Greenwood Preparatory school, starting in kindergarten, and graduated there; she attended Drury College for a short time. Sylvia married Navy man Robert Bare, when he returned from WWII, and they had 5 children in 10 years.  She started her career as a Real Estate agent when she was 39, a job that not only helped her put her kids through school, and find them houses later in life, but spanned 36 years; she was a life member of the “Million Dollar Sales Club”.  When Sylvia and her husband divorced, she sold her home, and found something more suitable until a fall prompted her to come to our community.  She was at our Springfield East community for a short time, returning to Morningside of Chesterfield almost six years ago. Some of Sylvia’s sweet joys in life include:
  • Sylvia first rode a horse with her dad when she was 5 months old, (her mom nearly collapsed at the sight), and her love of horses has been a lifelong passion.  They often rode in horse shows, and traveled in the summer to attend them.  She and her father ended up in the same class at one competition, and the judge asked Sylvia to line up.  Sylvia thought that was cruel that the judge asked her to do that, but her dad told her to hush, since she won the class.
  • Sylvia loves to fish!  Her husband and her fished from a canoe, and loved to camp on the Current, James, and Findley rivers.  Sylvia’s son recently obtained and framed her favorite style of jig for her to display.  (See picture)
  • Sylvia’s happiest times were when she was raising family; she loved to cook, garden, and lovingly passed that on to her daughters.  
  • Sylvia loved to dance; during WWII, some name bands traveled through Springfield.  She belonged to a HS Sorority, and attended the dances several times a year. 
  • A livelong joy for Sylvia is her membership at Christ Episcopal Church.  She was baptized at 5 months, and confirmed at 12 years old, and is still a member.  She enjoyed being active at her church, and all 5 of her children were baptized and confirmed there, as well.  
Sylvia has led an interesting life, and we are blessed that she has chosen the Morningside communities as her home for so many years.