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Saints & Sinners

Tuesday August 22, 2 PM

Saints & Sinners - is there a difference? It really depends on what era you in which you are speaking.  Take Virginia Minor, for example. During the civil war, she worked for the St. Louis Union Aid Society – a precursor to the American Red Cross. Later she would strive to secure women the right to vote in the 1872 Presidential Election, and continued her fight 48-years before women could vote. At the time of her death in 1894 - no clergy would officiate since Virginia Minor was disrupting, “the order of the times!” Join us as Master Presenter for the Bellefontaine Cemetery  Dan Fuller, shares stories on how others, in their time, may have been wrongly accused of being a sinner and vice-versa - and how we view their lives today. 

Seating is limited for this free event; please RSVP at: (314) 839-5000  


How to Plan for Long Term Care

Wednesday August 30, 2:00 - 3:30 PM

Elder Law Attorney Rudy Beck Presents – “How to plan for long term care without selling your home or your farm and leaving your family without a dime." One of the biggest fears many people have today is having their life savings wiped-out in order to pay for some form of long term care. If you have assets, no matter if you or a family  are in a crisis or not, it’s important that you understand what you can do to protect your hard-earned dollars. Join us as Rudy Beck, founder of Beck Estate Planning and Elder Law, offers his guidance and direction in these tricky waters.

Seating is limited for this free event; please RSVP at: (314) 839-5000