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Heartlands Assisted Living at Severna Park
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Heartlands Assisted Living at Severna Park

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2 months ago

My mom & dad lived at Heartlands for several years before passing. Lisa and Greg were very helpful getting them organized with moving in and staying in contact with us when necessary. My family is forever grateful to Lisa and nurse Maryann when first my dad them 9 months later my mom passed. They were in their mid 90's and were married for 73 years. Heartlands made it possible for them to be together and get the assistance they needed. I can't recommend them enough. If you are faced with finding a home for a parent as we were they will take a lot of the pressure off you and deliver what they need. That frees you to visit loved ones and not be consumed with stress dealing with daily life chores. No matter where you may look, you won't find a staff better than Lisa, Greg, the nurses, and Ann.


3 months ago

I'm a semi-retired R.N. who provides companionship services to residents of various assisted living facilities & private homes. I've been working with a resident of Heartlands for two years. It is one of the nicest facilities I visit ! All of the staff from the Director to the concierges to the housekeepers are kind & caring. I have never been turned down when I've asked for something from a staff member. Each has responded to me with a real interest in helping me. I've eaten in the dining room many times and enjoyed the food nicely presented & tasty. At "special" dinners like luau or Italian night the festivities are wonderful, and again the staff work very hard to make sure each resident is enjoying himself. I feel that, if I had a family member who needed Assisted Living, I would definitely consider Heartlands.

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