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12 Days of Christmas Holiday Tips for Loved Ones with Dementia

December 12, 2018

  • 1st Day of Christmas: Plan ahead: Simplify gatherings, adjust, redirect, with rest/quiet time.
  • 2nd Day of Christmas: Bake holiday cookies early in the day and nibble on a few in the afternoon.
  • 3rd Day of Christmas: Package holiday cookies for gift giving.
  • 4th Day of Christmas: Open, sort holiday cards.
  • 5th Day of Christmas: Write a few holiday cards and drive to post office mailbox.
  • 6th Day of Christmas: Wrap a few presents.
  • 7th Day of Christmas: Early evening auto outing to look at holiday lights with a cozy blanket.
  • 8th Day of Christmas: Memories: Look through old family holiday photos in the afternoon.
  • 9th Day of Christmas: Watch an old family holiday video in the afternoon with hot chocolate.
  • 10th Day of Christmas: Comfort Time: Aroma therapy with diffuser, manicure, pedicure, hand/foot massage.
  • 11th Day of Christmas: Storytime: The Night Before Christmas, aroma therapy diffuser, small family/friend visit, memories/traditions.
  • 12th Day of Christmas: Tailor the day’s activities/gatherings with special emphasis with less stimulation in afternoon due to sun-downing.
Sun-downing is a universal term to describe increased restlessness, over tiredness, and heighten anxiety among many dementia and Alzheimer’s people, usually occurring in the early afternoon.