Green Stars Program

HeartLands Senior Living Village at Ellicott City


Heartlands Senior Living at Ellicott City located in Ellicott City, Maryland has been engaged in the Green Stars program since the fall of 2012. From the onset, the community staff, led by Mark Boring—the Maintenance Director, was dedicated to the program and was eager to make a difference through energy conservation and environmental stewardship. Through leadership from Mark and Executive Director Sharon Kruskamp, the community has made steady progress towards their program goal of completing operational Energy Conservation Measure (ECM) implementation recommended to result in energy savings and optimal comfort for residents. To date, Heartlands has accomplished 87% of their Operational ECMs and has only a few ECMs left to be implemented.

In addition, the community has worked with AtSite’s team of engineers to identify, investigate, and put-in-place numerous Capital ECMs, including interior and exterior LED lighting initiatives, phasing-in of energy star certified refrigerators, installing an air curtain at their main entrance doors, and augmenting attic insulation work. Most recently, AtSite worked with the community staff to review the feasibility of implementing the enthalpy wheel of a rooftop energy recovery unit. The analysis showed substantial energy reduction and operational efficiencies. This work is currently underway and, once completed, will help the equipment operate more efficiently. These types of operational/capital solutions implemented by the community will continue to not only save energy, but also provide maintenance efficiencies and ensure resident comfort/satisfaction.